Computer Information Systems



Rick Graziani, Professor, Computer Networking - Computer and Information Systems and Computer Science

Rick has worked and taught in the computer networking and information technology field for almost 30 years. Before teaching, Rick worked in IT for various companies, including Santa Cruz Operation, Tandem Computers, and Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation. He holds a Master of Arts degree in computer science and systems theory from California State University Monterey Bay. Rick also works for the Cisco Networking Academy Curriculum Engineering team and has written several books for Cisco Press. When Rick is not working, he is most likely surfing. Rick is an avid surfer who enjoys surfing at his favorite Santa Cruz breaks. Rick's primary area of interest is IPv6, network infrastructure (routing and switching), and network programmability and automation.


Mike Matera, Professor - Computer and Information Systems

Technology inspires Mike Matera, and he's grateful to be able to share my love of tech with students.He has been an instructor at Cabrillo College since 2013. In that time I've taught many CIS and CS classes. Teaching programming is his passion. He teaches classes in Python, C++, BASH, database, and networking, among others. Mike is a Linux expert as well. Prior to working at Cabrillo he spent 15 years at Xilinx INC. Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of Field Programmable Gate Arrays, a type of microchip that is programmed to emulate other chips. I began my career as a logic designer, producing self-test circuits and have three circuit patents: US6239611B1, US6651238B1, US8212576B1. He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz.
Mike Matera Course Descriptions


Marcelo Nogueira, Professor - Computer and Information Systems and Engineering Technology. Computer Technology Center (CTC) manager

Marcelo Nogueira is an instructor of Computer Information Systems and Engineering Technology, and also the Computer Technology Center Manager at Cabrillo College. He has been with Cabrillo since 1996 and has taught courses in system administration and networking fields. As a manager of the computer lab, he works in collaboration with faculty and staff to leverage technology to support student learning. Marcelo has more than 20 years of industry/consulting experience in system/network administration and he holds a BA in Computer Science and a MS in Computer Engineering.


Terri Oropeza, Adjunct Professor, Business of IT, Internships and Apprenticeships - Computer and Information Systems

Terri Oropeza has been part of the Adjunct Faculty with CIS since January 2018. She works with students by providing assistance with any part of the process for finding and applying for IT Apprenticeships, internships and work experience, or getting credit through the Cooperative Work Experience Education program. Terri has worked in IT support since 1985 as the Founder/Owner of a pioneer desktop publishing company and Senior IT Manager at Synopsys Inc. for 23 years. She has been part of the HDI IT Service and Support Professional Association since 2000 and currently serves as President of theSan Francisco Bay Area Local Chapter. Terri has a BS/Teaching Credential from San Jose State University.


Glenn Dunki-Jacobs-Nolten

Glenn Dunki-Jacobs-Nolten - everyone calls him DJ - is an adjunct instructor in the Information Technology Institute at Cabrillo College. DJ has been involved in computer and technology-based education since 1998, either as a professor, department chair, and higher. He has designed and taught computer information systems classes ranging from C++ programming, database design and analysis, and CompTIA certification-aligned classes. With NSA guidelines, he designed an Information Security (InfoSec) degree program, and taught InfoSec classes. In the late 1980s, he was a founding member of a computer technology company focusing on engineering turnkey solutions where they designed the graphics hardware and software applications.


Gary Rollinson, Adjunct Professor, Networking-Computer Information Systems

Gary Rollinson has been an adjunct Cabrillo Computer Information Systems faculty since 2001 and he has taught CCNA, Microsoft and Security classes. Gary has been a networking instructor since 1991 when he became a Novell Certified Instructor. He became a Microsoft Certified Instructor in 1995 and a Cisco Certified Instructor in 1998. He has taught across the United States, Australia and New Zealand. He has taught at other community colleges as well.