Dean of Student Services Office

Our Mission

The Dean of Student Services Office is a central place for new and returning students, parents, faculty and staff to receive assistance with navigating the complex issues of student life .  The faculty and staff of the Dean of Students Services Office provide high-touch support to individual students or groups experiencing life situations impacting their Cabrillo experience and coordinates the appropriate individual or campus-wide response.  The Dean of Student Services Office is staffed with experienced faculty and staff who are ready and able to assist students with any concerns you may have. The well-being and success of students is our common goal by being a gateway to compassion, exploration, and action! We work to promote a safe, respectful, healthy and inclusive campus community, coordinate specific programs and services, and monitor and respond to emerging situations that impact students through moments of conflict, change, and crisis by providing pathways for success. 

The four core areas of our work include:

  • Promote a safe, respectful, healthy and inclusive campus community
  • Enhance students’ academic experience and remove barriers that are precluding their success
  • Provide support resources and manage critical issues/incidents impacting students and the campus community
  • Respond to emerging student needs

Along with the Dean of Student Services Office, there are a variety of other programs and partnerships that work together to best assist students to complete their personal, professional and academic goals. We have included links to programs and resources that fall under the leadership of the Dean of Student Services Office as well as our key partnerships that further support the core areas of our work while assisting Cabrillo students.