Dental Hygiene

Getting into the Program

Make an appointment with an Academic Counselor

To ensure adequate preparation for the Dental Hygiene Program course prerequisites and academic requirements, you are to meet with a counselor prior to applying to the program. Please download this version of the counseling form and complete it with an academic counselor.

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Apply to the DH Program

Fill out the Dental Hygiene Program DH Program Application Form.

Applications for the dental hygiene program are accepted at any time throughout the year.
There is no deadline.

Specific details, dates, deadlines and information related to the program, New Student Orientation and Clinical Compliance meetings will be emailed to placed, alternate and waiting list students.

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If accepted, you will be placed on the waitlist according to your application postmark date. Every October you will be notified via email of your placement on the waitlist. Due to frequent changes, we are not able update your waitlist status daily. If a change impacts you directly, you will be notified immediately.

Keep Contact Information Updated

If the DH program cannot contact you by phone, email or USPS, your name will be dropped from the waitlist. Make sure your contact information is current by submitting this form.

Clinical Compliance

What is Clinical Compliance?

Clinical Compliance means being ready to work in a clinical setting. Clinical experience is essential to every Allied Health program, but, to serve in the clinical setting many requirements must be met in order to protect your safety, the safety of your peers, and the safety of the patients with whom you will be working.

You cannot enter the clinical site unless you are compliant.

Clinical Compliance Session

Attend the required Spring Clinical Compliance meeting. Please arrive early to allow time to find parking (campus parking permits required). Purchase a folder to use as a "Professional Documents Folder" to keep copies of immunizations, test results, correspondence, and other forms regarding the DH Program. Please do not begin any program or clinical compliance requirements until after the clinical compliance meeting.

Read How to Become Compliant

CPR Requirements

Regardless of prior certification, each student is required to obtain and/or maintain current American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross (ARC) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers.

  • A photocopy of the front and back of the Course Completion Card must be provided and kept on file in the DH Program Office.

  • A scanned copy of the front and back of the Course Completion Card must be uploaded to the Certified Document Tracker by the date specified.

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Financial Information

Approximate Financial Expenditures

  • Cabrillo College student tuition, fees and books for the duration of the program.

  • Dental hygiene student instructional kit is approximately $6500-$7000.

  • Required purchase of loupes (magnifying glasses) at approximately $1700.

  • Additional expenses are uniforms and miscellaneous supplies, such as gloves, masks and other required PPE.

  • National Board and Regional Board exams will be taken at the end of the second year. Fees will vary depending on the exam each student chooses to take.

Deferral Policies

If you need a deferral, please review these two policies.


The Accessibility Support Center (ASC) provides services, accommodations, and academic support for students with disabilities and learning differences at Cabrillo College.

Current Students


This Student Policy Handbook is designed for and is the standard of policies, procedures, and a contract between the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program and the student while enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program. Each student is expected to know the information contained herein and use this handbook as a vital resource to student success.

Contact Form

All students are required to notify the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program of any changes in personal information including name, address, phone or email within 30 days.

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Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program is accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation (CODA) and follows the guidelines of the Dental Hygiene Board of California (DHBC), the DH program's licensing body. Read about Licensure/Nolo Contendere.