Intern teachers practice their skills using respectful words and actions that are kind, respectful, and attentive to show children that they are valued.
Early Childhood Education

For Employers

Looking to hire someone with great Early Childhood Education skills and education?

Students who have participated in Cabrillo’s Early Childhood Education Department have received a uniquely high level of education and experience. Our students have access to exceptional faculty and the Cabrillo College Children’s Center & Lab School.

The Early Childhood Education Department provides students with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience so that they graduate with the education and skills they need to work as high quality early care providers. We offer eight different Certificates of Achievement, two degrees (an Associate in Science and an Associate in Science - Transfer), one Skills Certificate, and two Certificates of Completion. We are committed to meeting Early Childhood Education industry needs in preparing the workforce.
We have dedicated full time faculty members and we are continually adding associate faculty, because serving the instructional needs for the early childhood workforce in our Santa Cruz community requires a faculty with a broad and diverse set of competencies and experience. Our courses necessarily have tremendously varied and specific content. For example, we have faculty who are uniquely qualified to teach Health, Safety and Nutrition for Early Childhood; faculty who are uniquely qualified to teach our students about working with Children who have disabilities; and faculty who are uniquely qualified to teach Infant/Toddler course content.
Please post your job at the Cabrillo College Employment & Internship Office. The office works with employers to post job and internship opportunities that are shared through various modes of outreach as well as directly in the classroom.