Scholarships, Internships, & Job Opportunities

Engineering Department Scholarships

  • Check the Engineering Student canvas page for application and deadline.
    • Must be an engineering major

    • Must have completed one calculus course AND either one physics course or one ENGR course

    • Full-time student at Cabrillo or at a university in in the following Fall semester

    Application posted on the Cabrillo College "Engineering Student" Canvas page

  • Award notification: May


  • August
    Funds awarded: August

Scholarship Resources

A wide variety of scholarships for current students, enrolling high school graduates, and transferring students. 

General page for financial aid and scholarships at Cabrillo. Includes the Cabrillo College Annual General Scholarship, Cabrillo Promise Program, High School scholarships, online scholarship searches, international students scholarships, and more. 

Engineering & STEM Internships

Are you interested in an engineering paid internship/part-time job? All of you are capable of being interns at an engineering company. Every course you take gives you the important skills that make you a successful intern.

Below you will find a list of all courses which give you skills according to your engr interest.

The courses marked with an * are early-entry courses with low math and science pre-requisites.

Courses that Provide Engineering Skills:

ENGR 5 for all majors, so that you have knowledge about all the engineering fields and have an idea which one(s) you are most interested in.

Civil/Structural/Architectural/Environment/Agricultural Engineering:
*ENGR 1A Surveying; ENGR 10 Engineering Communication; *ENGR 25 Graphics and Design; (And *Chem 1A for Environmental Engr)

Mechanical/Aerospace-Aeronautical/Mechatronics/Biomedical/Robotics Engineering:
ENGR 10 Engineering Communication; *ENGR 12 Machining Processes; *ENGR 25 Graphics and Design; *ENGR 26 Solid Modeling;
ENGR 45 Engineering Materials

Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering:
*Any CS course; ENGR 10 Engineering Communication; ENGR 15 Circuits, *ENGR 30 Computer Applications for Engrs; PHY 4B Electricity & Magnetism

Biochemical/Chemical/Material Engineering:
*Chem 1A Geneal Chemistry; ENGR 45 Engineering Materials

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering:
ENGR 10 Engineering Communication; *ENGR 12 Machining Processes; *ENGR 25 Graphics and Design

Help develop your professional skills and expand future opportunities.

Job Opportunities

Flexible on campus jobs and off-campus opportunities including jobs and internships.

Resume Guide
Follow this four part series on how to build an effective resume for your engineering education career.