Honors Transfer Program

Honors Scholar Designation

Honors Scholar Designation

Each year, one-third of our graduating/transferring students achieve the Honors Scholar Designation. 

You DO NOT need to schedule an academic counseling appointment to "petition" for the Honors Scholar Certificate of Achievement. The HTP will process the Certificate of Achievement for you as long as you submit the Honors Scholar Application to our office via email.

The Spring 2024 Honors Scholar Application Deadline is April 1st.

To achieve the Honors Scholar Designation, students must:

  • complete at least 5 eligible honors courses (minimum of 15 semester units) *

  • with a transferable GPA of 3.40 or higher, by the end of spring semester before transfer.

*minimum of 9 units from List A "H" courses - maximum of 6 units from List B courses

(LIBR 10H, HONRS 1H/2H do not count toward Honors Scholar designation)

Submit the Honors Scholar Application to the Honors Transfer Program Office in your last semester at Cabrillo (deadline is posted on the application).

the application is located on the the left-hand tab. You may open as a google.doc and write, then save as a word doc or pdf and email to honors@cabrillo.edu

Students who complete these courses and submit the Designated Honors Scholar Application:

  • receive the designation "Honors Scholar" posted on their transcript

  • receive a Certificate of Achievement in Honors Scholar and an Honors Scholar medal at graduation

  • have their accomplishment acknowledged in the graduation program

Both honors courses and the Honors Scholar Designation will stand out on university applications and improve students' chances of being admitted to selective colleges and universities. Additionally, these same requirements meet the standard for UCLA TAP Certification and priority admission eligibility for the HTCC partnership colleges listed at the link below.

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