Honors Transfer Program

Welcome Honors Transfer Program Cohort!

Honors Transfer - Student Reflects

What Honors Students Experience:

  • Priority admission or a competitive edge in the transfer admissions process depending on the college or university to which you apply (See UCLA TAP Information and Private universities (HTCC) agreements)
  • Fall, 2020 - 87% admission rate to UCLA College of Letters & Sciences, for our Honors students!
  • Scholarship advising and opportunities
  • Research support from Cabrillo's award winning library staff
  • Counseling and transfer assistance
  • Recognition of honors coursework on transcripts and at graduation
  • Smaller class size (35 or fewer students per class)
  • Faculty mentors
  • A dedicated Study Lounge for our program's students
  • A stimulating environment
  • Membership in an honors transfer community of students
  • Enriched curriculum
  • A strong support network