Honors Transfer Program

UC Irvine and Honors Information

UC Irvine - Benefits to our Honors students:

Priority consideration during the evaluation process for admission with:

  • At least 15 units of honors courses, including no more than 6 units of "designated honors courses"
  • GPA of 3.5 at the time of certification (inclusive of Fall semester grades) and at the time of matriculation to the University (and meeting any major course requirements and/or extra GPA course requirements required by the university for their major)

Honors to Honors

Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program students who complete the above and have a 3.7 GPA at the time of certification are nominated by the Honors Director for Honors to Honors. These students who will complete all IGETC and major preparation requirements are offered admission to UC Irvine.  

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What is "Campuswide" Honors at UCI?

UCI Campuswide Honors is a "campus within a campus" - a tight-knit group of students. They have their own advisor, and research and seminar requirements that set the program apart from other departments. The program is centralized for the entire campus, but each individual department also has their own honors program, e.g. Biology, Engineering, with student lounges, etc. There are about 750 students currently (2016) in the Campuswide Honors program. Whether you are admitted Honors to Honors or not, you may still apply as a transfer student into Campuswide Honors up until the end of your first quarter at UCI.

UCI also has an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program - in fact, UCI has the highest percentage of students in the UC system involved in actual research during the undergraduate careers - approximately 90%.

Lastly, in terms of general education, most UCI transfers are better served with IGETC than by following the UCI campus-specific general education pattern.

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