International Students

Information for New Students

Information for New International Students

Health Insurance Requirements

All students with F-1 visas are required to have adequate health insurance while studying in the United States. Proof of comprehensive health insurance is mandatory while attending Cabrillo College. Students will need to submit proof of their insurance through this International Insurance Information Form so that we can keep it in the records; if we do not receive a proof of insurance by the end of the second week of the semester, students will have a registration hold placed on their records and they won't be able to process any registration activities until they show us their insurance proof.

Medical care in the United States is good but extremely expensive. Your plan must include the following requirements:

  • The maximum amount of coverage per injury or illness must be $300,000 or more

  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains must be included

  • Coverage must be for the full semester and any breaks where you will remain in the US

  • Doctors and hospitals in Santa Cruz county need to be included in the coverage

  • We recommend a deductible to not exceed $500 per injury or illness

Here are some companies that you may want to contact for insurance quotes:

Associated Insurance Plans
BETiNS: International Medical Group
HTH Worldwide
iNext International Insurance
International Student Insurance
International Student Protection (ISP)
ISO Insurance
Study USA - HealthCare

Student Medicover
VISIT International Health Insurance
Supplemental Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage

United Health Care Global Safe Trip
IMG Patriot Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance Services- optional

Delta Dental
Dental Club One
Smile Saver
Student Dental
Visitor Guard

Guided Placement

A new California Law, Assembly Bill 705, enables all students to take transfer level English, ESL and most Math classes right away, which reduces the time and money you'll spend to achieve your goals. With this in mind, Placement Services will provide you with course information so that you can make the best choices for your academic needs. Please visit Placement Services to find out more information about Guided Placement.


New students can register for many courses online at MyCabrillo. You must have your student ID to log in to the student portal and register for classes. Your registration will depend on your English level and you may need to take some ESL courses before being eligible for college level classes. However, with a TOEFL score of 480/54 or higher, you may take at least one college level class. Good choices for these courses are Communications 12, any Math courses, any Art courses, any Music courses, Early Childhood Education courses, Computer Application/Business Technology courses, and many more.

Please complete Orientation Activities online before your arrival on campus and before registering for classes. You may also view our Registration Instructions Video for more details.

Required First Semester College Course

Students with F-1 status are required to enroll in CG 51, Planning for Success for New International Students, during their first semester at Cabrillo College. This required class is designed specifically for international students. Class content includes information about immigration, the American education system, degree and transfer requirements, study skills and American culture and customs. Only students enrolled in CG 51 for New International Students will be granted authorization for on campus employment at Cabrillo College.


Students who are accepted to Cabrillo College will receive an International Student Orientation Schedule with their acceptance packet. This orientation is mandatory for all new international students. During orientation, students will be introduced to Cabrillo College regulations, immigration requirements and some cross-cultural issues. In addition, international students will have the opportunity to meet college officials, members of the community, and also schedule counseling appointments. To start, complete these general Orientation Activities.


View current details on tuition and fees for this academic year.

Transcript Evaluation

To have foreign coursework apply to your program of study at Cabrillo College, you must have your transcripts evaluated by a Transcript Evaluation Company. Many companies offer this service for a fee, for more information see Foreign Transcript Information.

Express Mail Requests

When you request documents from Cabrillo College, we will send them to you by airmail free of charge (overseas mail takes approximately 2-6 weeks or longer.) Our office uses an express mail service called eShipGlobal to coordinate the mailing. You must use the website provided below. Do NOT go to the FedEx or DHL websites directly.

If you request that your documents be delivered by express mail, it is at YOUR expense, and your credit card will be charged when you request the service. The DHL and FedEx Express mailing must be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards only).

To request that your documents be sent by express mail, go to the following website: (the site works best with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers)

You will be required to create your own user name and password in order to create an account. To request shipment, you will need your mailing address, email address, and telephone number. After registering, you will receive an email requesting that you activate your account. This is required for you to begin using the account. Follow the instruction in the email you receive to activate your account. Once the activation process is complete, you will receive another email confirming this fact.

Prepare the shipping label: for this step you must have already activated your account. Select "Receive a Package From Universities," then "California" from the map of the United States, next "Cabrillo College" and finally "International Student Program." This will ensure your shipping label is received by our office. Once you get to this step, you will need to have your mailing address (U.S. or foreign), phone number and email address. Note that a Cabrillo ID is NOT required to submit your request. Please leave this blank if you do not yet have your Cabrillo ID. At the end of the screen, you should select "ship/quote." You will receive a quote and have the option to choose your carrier – FedEx or DHL. At this stage, you will also be able to select your method of payment. Please pay close attention to the information submitted on these screens. Errors in the credit card information or incorrect/incomplete address information will result in a delay in mailing your documents.

The final email you receive from eShipGlobal will be confirmation of your order. This email will provide you with detailed information about your shipment (i.e. payment amount, tracking number, mailing address, etc.). Cabrillo College will also receive a copy of this email at the same time as you, so there is no need to forward us the information. If you experience any problems when using the online service, please use the help feature on their website. Upon completing the request, you will be sent an email that includes a tracking number and order details for your shipment.

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