Get ahead & be prepared for math!

Join Math PLUS & prepare for fall!

Get ahead & be prepared with Math PLUS!

Math PLUS Dates

1 week day time classes- In person Aptos or Watsonville

August 15th-19th 10:00am-3:00pm

2 week evening classes- Online only

August 15th-18th & 22nd-25th


What is Math Plus?

Math PLUS is a FREE math preparation program designed to prepare students for their upcoming math courses. Math PLUS is non-credit, no homework, no exams, and lunch or dinner is provided!

How to register for Math PLUS

All students must submit a Math PLUS sign up form to be registered for Math PLUS.

Math PLUS offers preparation for the following levels of math

  • Math 12, Psych 2A, Business 9 statistics (Aptos, Watsonville, Online)

  • Math 1 (Aptos, Watsonville ,Online)

  • Math 4 (Aptos, Watsonville, Online)

  • Math 5A (Aptos, Watsonville ,Online)

  • Math 5B (Aptos only)

  • Math 18 (Aptos only)

  • Math 10 (Aptos only)

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Who can take Math PLUS?

  • Any Cabrillo student who is taking a math class

Why can't I register myself for Math PLUS in student planning?

  • To ensure that students register for the correct preparation course we do not allow students to self register. Students must fill out the Math PLUS sign up form to be registered.

Will Math PLUS be in person or online?

  • Math PLUS will offer some sections in person and online. See the list of courses above to see if your preparation will be offered online or in person.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?