Women at Cabrillo Introduces

Cabrillo's Woman of May... Janet Fine!!!

Interesting Facts about Janet...

  • Janet's birthday is May 4 :)

  • Board Member of the Santa Cruz Open Show

  • Advisory Board Member of CTE Art Photography

  • Recipient of the Gail Ritch Award

  • Pajaro Valley Arts Member

  • CabrilloCrossTalks Committee Member

  • Shows in Cabrillo Gallery shows more than once a year

  • A vital and active member in the VAPA division on campus and also out in the arts community in Santa Cruz

  • Janet does a wide variety of work, often incorporating themes of family, Americana, travel, cutting edge politics, psychology, and social justice. She works in many mediums and really is an artist's artist when it comes to her ability to match contemporary, chance taking mediums with either her own favorite topics of content, or with special, unique creations in curated shows.

  • Favorite hobbies: Photography, Art, Dogs/Cats, and Swimming in the Ocean

  • Janet plays the piano beautifully

In Lesley Louden's words...

Janet is an outstanding instructor and lab tech to students in Art Photography (AP), and inspirational artist in the Cabrillo VAPA community and in the Santa Cruz art scene. Janet supports students in learning to find their own personal artistic vision and to break free from their inner expectations to make impactful work. Janet is always game for on-campus collaborative projects with students including earning faculty and staff grant money to get bulletin boards to advertise campus and community events, displaying student work in our glass cases, printing work for student show in the library, participating in cross departmental projects such as the "My Neurological Event" video project with AP students and SDLC students, and currently the Empathy project for the Cabrillo Reads text with AP, Art Studio, and ENG students.

She is an Inspiration to so many female students and Santa Cruz community artists (and Cabrillo artists). Janet is always game for collaborative projects between departments on campus.

Congratulate Janet!
Janet's Favorite Quote...
"Let me just be half the person my dog thinks I am."
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2017 Exhibit Curated by Janet Fine

When you were a kid…
what inspired you to make art?
was it encouraged and nurtured?
was it as natural as breathing?

Twenty established local artists explore the history of their own creative development. Each artist is presenting their childhood artwork and responding to it through words and art…reflecting on their own past and process, and how it relates to their contemporary work.

This exhibit illuminates the importance of art education and supporting creative practice for all kids. Especially in a time when the arts are desperately under-supported, we celebrate the importance of art.

Curator: Janet Fine


For photos click here


Art Photography

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Women have played a fundamental role in the success of Cabrillo Community College since it was founded in 1959, and the college is a proud institutional member of the California Community Colleges Womens Caucus.

The California Community Colleges Women's Caucus (CCCWC) aims to unify and support women from across California Community Colleges while identifying unique opportunities to strengthen student, faculty, and employee success in our system. Following the lead of the CCCWC, Cabrillo is committed to:

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* Supporting leadership development

* Advancing career opportunities and pay equity

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