The study of foreign languages in a liberal arts setting is part of a larger humanistic project to promote critical reflection and research on the world's history, cultures, and literatures. As such, language study prepares students to be informed, articulate, and engaged leaders in a global society. Students who study foreign languages find careers in teaching, and, with additional preparation in a content area such as political science, economics, business or international relations, are well prepared to work in private industry and government. Knowledge of foreign languages is an asset in the fields of medicine, social work and law enforcement. Likewise, facility in a foreign language enhances career opportunities in the service and hospitality industries.

Which level of Spanish should I enroll in?

Spanish Placement Guidelines

Spanish - Scope and SequenceA summary of topics presented in the Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4 textbooks.


Spanish 1: None

Spanish 2: Spanish 1 or two years of high school Spanish, or equivalent skills

Spanish 3: Spanish 2 or equivalent skills

Spanish 4: Spanish 3 or equivalent skills