Cabrillo College Student Senate

Student Senate Contact Information


Contact Information

Student Activities & Welcome Services Director
Alta Cilicia Northcutt


ASCC President: Denisa Rozsypalova


ASCC Vice-President: Vatey Saw


ASCC Treasurer: Pending


ASCC Student Trustee: Devine Hardy


ASCC Legislative Representative: Fiona Murphy


ASCC Inter-Club Council Chair: Adriana Munoz


ASCC Public Relations Director: Adriana Munoz


ASCC Watsonville Representative: Maurice Moreno


Senators At Large:

Nicholas Langley


Corydon Lindner


Student Life Assistant Advisors:

Dr. Michelle Donohue


Jasmine Northcutt


President: Denisa Rozsypalova

My name is Denisa Rozsypalova and I am an international student at Cabrillo College, where I am pursuing a degree in Health Science (A.S.) and working towards an Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene.

In the Fall Semester of 2022, I became a part of the ASCC Student Senate. As a President I represent the Student body. My mission is to create a greater awareness about Cabrillo resources that are available to all students. I want to bring the student community together, and improve outreach. I am hoping to help organize more events that would benefit the community and the environment. For instance, two of my goals are to organize repeating beach clean-ups at local beaches and to encourage sustainable practices.

I am passionate and determined to assist everyone in having a positive experience while studying at Cabrillo College. I want to give the opportunity to all students to have a voice, and make sure that everybody achieve their educational and career goals.

Senator at Large: Corydon Lindner

My name is Corydon Lindner. I’m currently in my second semester at Cabrillo, serving as a Senator at Large. I’m majoring in computer science. My goal is to make every student’s voice heard, and to help connect the student body. I’m passionate about animals, and I love playing sports and working out.

Watsonville Representative: Maurice Moreno

As of the student senate, my primary goal would be to represent the best interests of the student body. I would strive to enhance the academic, social, and personal development of all students on campus. I would work towards creating a more inclusive, supportive, and engaging community for students from all backgrounds. My position in the student senate is being the Watsonville Representative at the Watsonville campus. I would be dedicated to working collaboratively with other members of the Senate, as well as with the administration, faculty, and staff to achieve our shared goals on this campus. As a student, my major is computer science. My academic background in computer science has equipped me with the critical thinking, research, and analytical skills necessary to make informed decisions and advocate for student needs. I have always been passionate about serving my community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. I would bring this same passion and commitment to my role as a representative of the student body. In high school, I served as the president of the Hip-Hop chess club, where I learned valuable skills such as organization, communication, and collaboration. I also had the honor of being selected as "Mayor for a Day" in my hometown, where I had the opportunity to work with local officials and community leaders to address important issues. These experiences have taught me the importance of leadership, community engagement, and advocacy, and have prepared me well for a role on the student senate

Student Trustee: Devine Hardy

As of the student senate, my primary goal would be to represent the best interests of the student body. I would strive to enhance the academic, social, and personal Hello, my name is Deviné Hardy, and I am the Student Trustee. That means that I share the student perspective with the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is an appointed or elected group of individuals with overall responsibility for the management of an organization. I am a Bay Area native, a non-traditional student at Cabrillo; what that means is that I started my educational journey a million years ago, and I am returning with lots of life experiences. I live in Santa Cruz with my two cats, I practice a lot of yoga, and I love a great cup of tea. This spring, fingers crossed, will be my last at Cabrillo!!! I'll be graduating with four degrees and transferring to a four-year college come fall. One of my goals as the Student Trustee is to make sure that no one feels alone on our campus and that there are resources and communities to support you wherever you are in your educational journey. Fun fact about me: I ran away to the circus, yes I really did. It was an incredible few years of my life.

I LOVE being a student leader, learning about policy, legislation, and debating the importance of our basic needs in higher education is one of my favorite things to do. I am so happy to serve as one of your student leaders in this capacity!

I hope to connect with you soon,

Deviné (Dev-n-a)

Legislative Representative: Fiona Murphy

I am a second year student at Cabrillo majoring in English and sociology. I work at the Cabrillo Library and love to tell people about the resources available there. As an out of the area student, I've found Cabrillo and Santa Cruz a little daunting, but very welcoming.


During my term as Legislative Representative, I hope to connect students with as many resources as possible. Through interacting with other college representatives, I will learn more about how other schools support their students and bring that back to our campus. It is important to me that school is a place students can come to learn and find community, rather than another source of financial worry.

Senator at Large: Nick Langley

My goals in the senate are: to help make college life easier for those who need it! I want to be able to make as many people as possible feel safe and comfortable on and off campus.

My Majors: Digital Art Photography + Computer Science (coding, data science)

My mission is to help students feel at ease during this transition into college life at Cabrillo. As a new student myself, I know how confusing it can be and how hard it can be to find the right resources. On the senate, I hope to spread awareness regarding what is available to students on campus; as well as provide my insight as a new student.

Vice President: Vatey Saw

My name is Limtaravatey Saw. I’m a third year student majoring in Business Administration/Management. I’m interested in running for a public relation role in the Cabrillo student senate. Through my participation, Cabrillo will be able to boost its credibility and future vision by finding the best resolution to support the student's

concerns. Both Cabrillo and students are capable of maintaining a harmonious relationship between faculty, administrative, student body as well as local media and

community. My participation in student senates will ensure students safety in/outside college, they will gain insights and realize the dignity of being Cabrillo students. I assure that their voices will be heard and matter to the school as well as the student senate. Through my engagement in the student senate, I will be able to pass the current student senate legacy to the next generation. I stand for a trustworthy student-consultancy which can conduct effective principles in the Cabrillo Community.

ICC Chair & Director of Public Relations: Adriana Munoz

Hello Cabrillo College Family!

My name is Adriana Muñoz and I am the Director of Public Relations and ICC Chair at Cabrillo College Student Senate. I am also a full-time student, a Student Assistant in the Employment & Internship Office, and a Career Ambassador. My major is Business Accounting and I look forward to graduating next fall

semester of 2024. In participating in the “Student Senate”, my goal is to enhance the academic experience for all students of Cabrillo College. One way I am accomplishing this is by communicating meaningful information and policies to Cabrillo students. Whether that be, where to find help with Career Services, where to go for tutoring help or even how to get more involved here at Cabrillo. Another, is by communicating the opinions and perspectives of students to my fellow Senate members and to the Faculty at the Faculty Senate meetings. All of the people I work and communicate with have an impact on the quality and availability of services and academics at Cabrillo. Finally, I aim to improve the Cabrillo community by creating a bridge between college students and local, state and federal agencies. It’s important to have strong collaboration between students and their local communities when you want your voice to be heard and when you want to make a difference. I learned a great deal by participating in the Student Senate at Cabrillo College as a Senator at Large in spring of 2022 and now I am loving my current role as the Director of Public Relations and ICC Chair this year.