Welding Technology

About Us

Our philosophy: The purpose of education is to learn the nature of one's unique gifts and how to use them for good in the world.

All of our faculty work full-time in the welding industry, thereby bringing current, real-world knowledge to the classroom on a daily basis. They share their knowledge and experience with you so that you are better prepared to succeed in your welding career. Our commitment to your success leads to 100% job placement.

Emails and phone calls to faculty and staff are answered within 24 hours.

Our teaching assistants come from diverse backgrounds and some are Spanish speaker

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How We Support You

  • The Welding Technology Program monitors labor statistics and the direction of the employment market so that we can ensure that our graduates are successful in the employment market. We have 100% placement in high paying jobs.

  • We guarantee that our welding students will be billable from the moment they set foot in their new place of employment. We also provide technical support to our students while they're in the workplace.

  • The completion rate overall for the Welding program is high, and the completion rates of Underrepresented Minorities in the Welding program exceeds the college rate.



Our welding lab is known throughout the tri-county area for being state-of-the-art and for providing a full spectrum of equipment choices. Our off-site corporate partnerships allow us to regularly teach out of their facilities which provides students with an even wider breadth of equipment choices.

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