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Admissions & Records

How Registration Ranking Works

After the due date an automated process starts to review all student records

Your registration date is adjusted (earlier or later) based on this criteria:

Were the elements completed by the posted due date?
  1. Complete Placement Process and submit the Placement eForm

  2. Complete Orientation Activities and submit the Orientation eForm

  3. Start Education Planning: plan at least one class in Student Planning for the next term

  4. @ 15 units: declare your major (applies to continuing students)

  5. @ 2nd term: be in good academic standing (applies to continuing students)

ProTip: Placement and Orientation are required only time, once completed, no need to repeat, ever.

Is the student listed as a participant in a designated higher ranked group?
  • Accessibility Support Center (ASC)

  • CalWorks

  • Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)

  • Foster Youth and former foster youth who are 24 years or younger

  • Student Athlete

  • Veterans

  • WIOA

ProTip: if you are a participant in one of these designated higher ranked groups, please check with your program representative to make sure you are listed as a current participant.

Is the student in Good Academic Standing?

Good Academic Standing is defined as maintaining a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and completing at least 50% of attempted units. If you are out of good standing your registration date will be adjusted to a later date or may be blocked.

What is the student's enrollment status?
  • Continuing Student

  • New or Returning Student

  • Dual Enrolled High School Student

How many Units Has the Student Completed?
  • 30+ units = sophomore status

  • 0-30 units = freshman status

  • Has the student completed 100+ units?

Does the 100+ Unit Rule apply to the student?

Once 100+ units are completed , you are no longer eligible for a higher registration ranking with an earlier date. Exceptions to 100+ unit rule:

  1. you are a foster youth or former foster youth (must be 24 years or younger)

  2. you are declared in a designated high unit major

ProTip: if you are in a high unit major it must be officially declared to count in your registration date calculation.

The 100 Unit Rule and Being Out of Good Standing
Loss of Priority Registration
Per title 5, you can loose your priority registration ranking for these reasons:
  1. Being out of Good Standing: also known as being placed on academic or progress probation.

  2. The 100 Unit Rule: once you complete 100+ units, you will no longer be eligible for priority registration ranking.

Important Note: loss of ranking due to the 100 Unit Rule does not block you from registration but you will have a later registration date.

Exceptions to the 100 Unit Rule:
  1. Units earned at other colleges and universities, from AP, Military, CLEP, etc., are not included in determining registration priorities.

  2. The 100 Unit Rule does not include units for non-degree applicable English as a Second Language or basic skills courses.

  3. Foster youth and former foster youth participating in Cabrillo's Guardian Scholars Program who are 24 years or less are exempt from losing registration priority based on 100 Unit Rule or for failing to meet minimum academic standards.

  4. An exception to the 100 Unit Rule is made for students enrolled in designated high-unit majors as long as they are making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

High-unit majors exempt from the 100 unit rule:
  • Astronomy: AS degrees

  • Agricultural Plant Science: AS-T degree

  • Biology: AA and AS degrees

  • Business: AA and AS-T degrees

  • Chemistry: AA and AS degrees

  • Computer Science: AS degrees

  • Dental Hygiene: AS degree

  • Engineering: AS degrees

  • Environmental Science: AS-T degree

  • General Science: AA and AS degrees

  • Geology: AS degrees

  • Mathematics: AS and AS-T degrees

  • Nursing: AS degree

  • Physics: AS and AS-T degrees

  • Radiologic Technology: AS degree

How Can I Regain My Registration Ranking?
There is an Appeal Process

If you lose priority registration for exceeding the 100-unit limit, or you've been placed on academic or progress probation and you have extenuating circumstances (verifiable accident, illness or other circumstances beyond your control), you can appeal to have your priority registration reinstated.

Complete and submit the Appeals Petition eForm to start the process.