The roadmap to your goals

Education Planning

Your Education Plan

An Education Plan is your roadmap of every course you will need to take to complete your goal. Having an Educational Plan keeps you on track to reach your goal:

  • You'll know what classes to take in the appropriate order each semester

  • You won't take more classes that you need or spend more time than necessary

The Student Planning Tool

You can start to plan your courses using Student Planning at any time on your own.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Complete the Placement Process to see course format recommendations for English and Math.

  • Taking CG 51- Planning for Success is a great way to develop your Education Plan.

  • Plan courses for the upcoming semester to meet the Education Plan requirement to earn an earlier registration date.

  • As a template, start with the Program Map for your major. Then meet with an Academic Counselor to refine your plan to meet you specific goals.

  • If you have attended other colleges, submit transcripts to Cabrillo Admissions and Records.

  • Schedule an academic counseling appointment to revise and further develop your Education Plan. Multiple appointments may be needed for a complete Education Plan.

  • If Financial Aid requested an Education Plan, let your Academic Counselor know that you need your Education Plan to be approved for Financial Aid.