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Alliance for Leaders in Global Humanitarian Training (ALIGHT)

Participants' Stories

Please watch this video for testimonials from students and community members in Grenada.

After 15 years of hospital nursing, my experience in Alight's program in Grenada was one of the most enriching experiences of my career. I gained valuable insight while working with the people of Grenada and some of the local healthcare providers. One of the most valuable take-away was about listening to patients. The combination of a community's available resources, cultural influences, local history, and traditions form unique solutions to health concerns for that particular area. I believe 100% that this type of education cannot be taught in a classroom or read from a textbook - it must be a lived experience, a complete cultural immersion.
- Lisa Crane, RN, BSN. Program Participant

As a former student of a global service learning program led by Dr. Tamara McKinnon, I was fortunate to participate in a program that valued ethical, evidence-based content that was also focused on sustainability. Now, as an ALIGHT Strategic Action Group team member, I have the opportunity to contribute my own global experiential "lessons learned" and participate in the ALIGHT program development that will offer other students and leaders the opportunity to benefit from international educational experiences and partnership development.
- Maureen Tapiz, MS, RN