Alliance for Leaders in Global Humanitarian Training (ALIGHT)

Model Global Service Learning Partnership

The Model Global Service Learning Partnership serves to coordinate service projects and volunteer efforts with community-driven projects. The goal is true collaboration between volunteers and community leaders. ALIGHT provides research and reporting on all projects in support of sustainability and capacity-building.

The database of projects are those projects identified by community agencies and with input from the Ministry of Health (MOH). An application to collaborate is reviewed by the community liaison and assigned by the ALIGHT team (including MOH and community liaison). A post-project report is provided in the database including project status update and research results.

Database of Projects

Application to Collaborate


Our team was asked to coordinate a Health Fair on the Island of Carriacou. Community-based participatory research was utilized to obtain input from local providers:

  • Desired services and opportunities for collaboration:Current services, priority issues, and sustainable interventions
    Train-the-trainer models were identified as priority request
  • Input from local residents:Desired services
    Input on local services utilized
    Expectations from volunteer group

Input was analyzed and the following focused activities were proposed and accepted by the community:

  • Information on caregiver role strain and sustainable tools and techniques
  • Train-the-trainer mini-course
  • Full partnership with local providers
    • Present at health fair at all stations (screening, education, and referral)
    • "Warm hand-off" referrals for follow up
  • Research on residents' goals related to future health fairs