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Alliance for Leaders in Global Humanitarian Training (ALIGHT)

Program Leader Training and Certification

ALIGHT provides faculty leader certification and training for educational organizations, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. Training is provided for both individuals and organizations. We use a standardized curriculum with high program standards and help develop strong successful partnerships.

Our training and certification goals are:

  1. Empowering schools of nursing to create ethical, evidence-based global service-learning programs for credit toward major.
  2. Standardization of global nursing programs along with training/certification for leaders.
  3. Promotion of evidence-based global nursing practice through measurement of outcomes on partner communities, students, and institutions.

Certification Options and Training Schedule

Program leaders first become certified by completing an on-line module. They then move progress to the on-site final training at either St. George's University or Cabrillo College.

On-site trainings will take place every January at St. George's University in Grenada and every June at Cabrillo College, Aptos, California.

There is a certification option for educators and one for service organizations.

Training Description: Pilot Program

Course One: Online Modules

  • Self-Assessment and Goals
  • Core Content Didactic
  • Readings & Videos
  • Activities
  • Website Review (CUGH, UN, WHO, ICN)
  • Examination #1

Course Two: On-site

  • Speakers
  • Site Visits
  • Group Work
  • Simulation
  • Examination #2
All health professionals in all countries should be educated to mobilize knowledge and to engage in critical reasoning and ethical conduct so that they are competent to participate in patient and population-centered health systems as members of locally responsive and globally connected teams.
-Bhutta, et al. Lancet 2010