The Art Studio Program offers beginning and intermediate courses that provide students with the knowledge and experience needed for a broad understanding of the visual arts. 

The core curriculum includes drawing and composition, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, and art history. After completing the core courses, students may advance to intermediate courses and complete their major or degree by concentrating their course work within the art studio options. Cabrillo College offers two degree options in studio art: the Associates in Arts for Studio Arts for Transfer (A.A.T), intended for students who wish to transfer to a CSU and the Associates in Arts for Studio Arts (A.A.) which prepares students for transfer to other four-year institutions.

The creative problem-solving skills, critical and innovative thinking that are taught in art courses are valued in many areas of commerce, industry, and non-profit sectors. 

Career opportunities include: 
  • Art educator
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Game designer
  • 3-D digital designer
  • Art technician
  • Product designer
  • Art venue staff
  • Art administrator
  • Exhibiting artist
Jewelry Making
Student painting with instructor

Video above produced by Denise Gallant's DM 35 Intermediate Video Production Class:
Denise Gallant - Instructor/Final Edit, Peggy Seltz - Edit/Camera, Margaret Murray - Edit/Camera, Suzanna Whittpenn - Edit/Camera, Alia Outrey - Edit/Camera, Kimberly Parrish - Camera, Sabrina Clem - Camera DM 34, Christopher Teague - Camera DM 34.