Career and Academic Pathways

Creative Arts and Design

Design, Create, Innovate

A pathway where creative thought and imagination meet in real life. Programs in this CAP will develop your creativity and self-expression, and you’ll learn how art has affirmed the complexities and wonder of life throughout history. This will prepare you for a career in performing arts, digital media, design and studio arts.

UC Berkeley Summer Programs
Design and Innovation for Sustainable Cities - For Community College Students

This is a great 5-week immersive and interdisciplinary course for community college students. This course is intended for all levels of students and will explore the design and analysis of the urban environment. It is particularly helpful for students who might be interested in transferring to a four-year university and who might want to apply with a competitive design portfolio. Upon graduation from this course, they will receive UC Berkeley credit on an official transcript and a certificate of completion from the program.

Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise, we'd love to invite interested students to an infosession on April 7, 5:30pm. They can sign up here and learn more here. Financial Aid is available!

Career Month Event
April 15 - Business & Creative Arts Career Fair - 3pm

Mark your calendar for Cabrillo's biggest virtual hiring event of the year. Join local employers hiring full-time, part-time, and internship positions! We have 16 Business and Creative Arts employers currently hiring!

Cabrillo's Online Earth Week Challenge 2021 - APRIL 19TH TO APRIL 22ND
Earth Week 2021

What is the Online Earth Week Challenge? 

We know you're busy this semester! It's been rough for us all. We've created this online option for you to engage when it works best for YOU! 
Here at Cabrillo College we value the environment, sustainability, and future generations. Follow along with the read something, watch something, do something challenge to learn more and share your journey for a chance to win!

Art with Impact
Movies for Mental Health - April 19th 1:30pm

On Monday, April 19th from 1:30 - 3:30pm PT, Cabrillo College will be hosting a virtual film screening that will give students an opportunity to watch and discuss three award-winning short films about mental health, engage in mind-body exercises to help them unplug from their screens, and connect with wellness resources available to them during these turbulent times.

Note: We know "Zoom fatigue" is very real, which is why it's important to mention that this event is NOT on Zoom, and will allow students to decompress and participate anonymously without the use of their camera or microphone.

View Event Flyer

CROSSTALKS - a storytelling series about careers in creative arts and design
Crosstalks: Dr. David Cutler, Director of Music Entrepreneurship, University of South Carolina - April 27th, 2021

Please join us for the third Crosstalks event of the semester, on April 27 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm on Zoom, featuring Dr. David Cutler, Director of Music Entrepreneurship, University of South Carolina.

View the full event flyer here

Creative Arts and Design Students in Action!
Do any of these describe you?
  • I like to create things or imagine new ideas.
  • I prefer working in unstructured environments.
  • I like to express myself through different mediums.
  • I’m excited to make things that inform or entertain people.
  • I enjoy being around creative individuals.
  • I’m an independent, original or innovative thinker.
  • I enjoy communicating ideas.
  • I’m excited to interpret other people's art.
  • I find working with a team to produce something rewarding.
  • I like to perform in front of others.

If so, you may be interested in a career in Creative Arts and Design.

Not sure? See the characteristics of the other CAPs.

I enjoy achieving goals through quality team work.

I like working in a structured environment.

I enjoy working with my hands.

I feel satisfied when I see the results of my hands-on work.

I am willing to take risks.

I like working with money and finances.

I feel accomplished when I make order out of chaos.

I enjoy leading, motivating, supporting and influencing those around me.

I prefer to manage and support projects.

I want to start my own business or nonprofit.

I am interested in how to strategize and negotiate.

I aim to understand the world we live in.

I enjoy helping people learn, heal and grow.

It’s fun for me to learn about different cultures.

I am multilingual or desire to be.

I enjoy communicating ideas or data.

I like playing with words and writing.

I often ask why things happen in society.

I find myself advocating for others.

I like making a difference.

I debate and discuss different topics.

I enjoy analyzing beyond the surface level.

I’m action oriented.

I care about the wellbeing and safety of others.

I value order, standards and routines.

I like providing service to others.

I enjoy teaching, counseling or training.

I am organized.

I enjoy solving problems.

I am interested in how the body works.

I can remain calm in stressful situations.

I’m curious about how the universe works.

I like using my mind to solve problems, especially if it involves using math or science.

I am drawn to nature and the natural world.

It’s fun for me to take things apart to understand how they work.

I thrive in self-directed environments.

I find it rewarding to figure out complicated problems and intellectual challenges.

I enjoy developing theories or hypotheses.

I like to study, conduct research, or work in a lab.

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Resources and Community for Creative Arts and Design Students

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