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Cabrillo Theatre Arts proudly announces its FALL 2021 semester (TA29/529) production: Charlie's Aunt by Brandon Thomas
Artists' Talk September 9 at 6:00pm - Free!

Artists' Talk September 9 at 6:00pm
Adaptations: Natural Selection

Please join us for the first in three Artists' Talks, for "Adaptations: Cabrillo Art, Photography and Art History Faculty & Staff Exhibition." The first one, entitled Adaptations: Natural Selection, takes place this Thursday evening, September 9 at 6:00pm. Many of our faculty and staff are inspired by the animals, plants and forces of nature and how these interact with us, the environment and human activity. Ann Thierman, Dawn Nakanishi, Andree Lebourveau, Joe Cosentino and Sylvia Rios will talk about their perspective on nature and how it becomes incorporated into their artwork.
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Future Artists' Talks

Wednesday, Sep. 15, 6:00pm
Adaptations: Evolving in a Changing World
Given recent developments, Claire Thorson, Neeley Drown, Lesley Louden, Jane Gregorius, Beverly Rayner and Tobin Keller have begun to examine the effects of COVID on the psyche, society and interpersonal interactions.
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Wednesday, Sep. 22, 6:00pm
Adaptations: Shifting States of Being
Carmina Eliason, Greg Mettler, Janet Fine, Angela Gleason and Carl Rohrs all in some way or other deal with ideas of portraiture through representation, gesture and symbolism.
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Image credits Ann Thiermann, Joe Cosentino, Andree LeBourveau

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