Biology Majors

Transfer Requirements

Biology majors start with Bio 9A (which has a Chem 1A prerequisite) followed by Bio 9B. Many choose to specialize in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Botany, Ecology, or other fields and requirements of majors and university campuses can vary, so start your plan today — talk to a STEM counselor ASAP. Check the Transfer Events calendar. Articulate your classes with the CSU and UC systems: ASSIST shows requirements for each campus and major. Talk to us, Yves or Nicole, about which system and campus, UC or CSU, will best allow you to achieve your goals!

CSU-bound? Get an A.A.-T or A.S.-T degree for guaranteed admission to the CSU system. CSUs often have fewer math and chemistry requirements. Cabrillo biology majors top choices for transfer include Humboldt State* and San Jose State.

UC-bound? Get a Transfer Admission Guarantee - TAG to certain campuses. UC's Biology transfer website states you need not take physics before transferring, and it may not even need to be calculus-based. Cabrillo biology majors' top choices for transfer include UC Davis and UCSC.

Bio 101 Introduction to Microscopes is a short term (8 hours over two days) weekend course that is a pre-requisite or co-requisite of our lab/lecture classes. Make sure to enroll in a section.

Pre-med students usually pursue a biology major and its required coursework. Some also take our Health Sciences courses, although they are not prerequisites for medical school applicants. Our excellent Pre-Med Club has regular meetings and special events.

All majors benefit from SI tutors funded by the ACCESS Program. Attend free workshops, seminars, and even get paid to research during summer (and winter) breaks.

Below is a list of biology classes typically taken by majors, including both our Biology Core series, special topics, and our advanced 400 level courses, with links to sample syllabi (where available).

* Most Bio major pathways at Humboldt only require Math 12 & 5A plus Phys 2A (and some even less). Most Bio pathways at Davis accept Phys 2AB instead of Phys 4AB. See ASSIST!

  • Bio 9A Cellular, Molecular, and Animal Biology (Chem 1A prerequisite)
  • Bio 9B Botany, Ecology, and Evolution (Bio 9A prerequisite)
  • Bio 11B Marine Biology (for those with a special interest in the subject)
  • Bio 11C Ecology (for those with a special interest in the subject)

Bio 450 & 451 (Bio 9A suggested preparation)