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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from management to financial analysis to marketing. You can learn:

  • How to better communicate in a business environment

  • Issues impacting both domestic and international businesses

  • Leadership skills and today's best management practices

  • How to create a business plan and learn various aspects of starting an operating a new small business

  • The many legal issues impacting businesses, plus contract law and business ethics

  • What marketing is all about, and how the marketing mix is used

  • How social media marketing impacts ecommerce and brick & mortar businesses

  • Why business information systems help improve efficiencies and effectiveness

  • Create simple relational database systems

  • How to create simple relationational databases, excel spreadsheets and other financial analysis tools

With a Certificate of Achievement, you gain a foundation of knowledge in General Business, Entrepreneurship or Human Resources. This can help you get an entry-level position, improve your current skill set to help with a promotion, or even help you start your own business!

Degrees give you even more options. You can do everything that you can from our Certificates of Achievement - PLUS you can choose to further your education by transferring to a 4-year college or university for a Bachelor's Degree. And from there, your choices are endless!

Yes! Simply take a look at the classes we offer and start exploring. By even taking one course, you may discover what most interests you. In addition, if you're in the business world or want to develop a skill to help you make the most of your career, you can take separate courses to help you enter a new field or earn that promotion!

The best way is to simply explore our course offerings at

Yes & Yes! We realize that not everyone is available during the day to take classes, so we do offer some of our more popular classes during the evenings, and online. Many of our online classes are in ‘real-time/synchronous' with instructors guiding you along the way, but we also have online classes that you can take at your own pace - asynchronously!

The Cabrillo College website provides an online application form. This is your first step toward registering for classes. Remember, there are no admissions tests or minimum admissions requirements. A few days after you apply, you'll receive an email outlining your next steps.

Please start by watching this video, which will guide you on how to register for classes, from the Cabrillo Welcome Center website.

Cabrillo College offers many different types of financial aid from fee waivers to scholarships. If you have limited funds, you can still register, take courses, and work toward your goals. Visit the Financial Aid page to learn more.

It's very possible. If you are eligible, California Training Benefits (CTB) allows you to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits while you attend school or training. Once approved for CTB, you will be excused from the requirements that you must be available for work, actively seek work, and accept work, while you complete your training. Learn more about CTB.


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