Computer Applications and Business Technology


Frequently Asked Questions

The chances are high that you qualify for one of the many types of financial aid — just note that some financial aid awards are based on whether you are enrolled part time or full time. Speak to one of our financial advisors or visit the Cabrillo financial aid website to get all the info you need.

Because technology is a part of our everyday life, students may tend to overestimate their proficiency in certain skills and sign up for classes that are too difficult. We highly recommend speaking with a counselor or one of our instructors, who are more than happy to help you determine your skill level and place you in the appropriate class. For our open entry courses, don't forget to attend one of the scheduled orientations during the first two weeks of the semester.

No problem! We have a Computer Technology Center (CTC) available on both the Aptos and Watsonville campuses. Computer and wireless access is free for all Cabrillo students. Learn more about the CTC.

We understand that many CABT students work and support families outside of school. Some of our required courses are open entry and some are online courses, which provide opportunities to complete lessons and homework at home or at your own pace.

Our courses teach the specialized technology skills necessary for career growth in today's job market. These skills are in high demand in fields such as IT, human resources, public administration, marketing, and small business administration. Check out our careers page for more info.

Sometimes, although this is not always possible. The department chair has decision-making authority on course substitutions. So if you're thinking about substituting a course, reach out to Jennifer Vered and she'll give you guidance.

For some classes, especially the online classes, it is possible to complete assignments from home. However, many CABT classes include required lab hours which need to be completed in the Computer Technology Center. We offer in-person support in the CTC for both on-campus and online classes. Software for all CABT classes is available to use in the CTC.

Tutoring for CABT courses is available through the Cabrillo Tutoring Center (TC). You must come to the Tutoring Center office to sign up, and sessions will be held at the CTC. Sessions are scheduled weekly and in small groups.

The Tutoring Center office is located in room 1080A (second floor of the library). See the Tutoring Center page, contact, or speak to a CABT staff member for more info.