Chemistry Department Scholarships:

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Applicants should be:

  • Majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or a related field

  • Planning to transfer to a four-year college


  • Should include the completed application form, a one-page personal essay, AND college transcripts (unofficial copies accepted)

  • Are due by 5:00 pm Thursday April 4, 2024

  • Should be submitted by email to:

Chemistry is the study of the properties, composition and transformations of all material substances.

It is often called the "central science" since it draws from mathematics and physics and forms a necessary background to the study of the earth sciences and all the biological disciplines, including the various medical professions. A chemistry major is considered excellent preparation for medical school.

As pure scientists, chemists seek to understand ever more complex substances in greater detail. As applied scientists, chemists contribute to the creation and development of thousands of the products that support our complex society. Chemistry is a profoundly experimental science and much of a student's time will be spent in the laboratory.

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Students working in lab
Students conducting experiment
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