Career and Academic Pathways

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Inquire, Experiment, Understand

A pathway where analytical thinking, science and logical innovation collaborate. Programs in this CAP will deepen your understanding of the natural and physical world from a scientific perspective so that you are prepared for a career in fields such as environmental policy, engineering, medicine, as well as field and laboratory science.

STEM Colloquium Series
Meet Vahik “Mike” Khodagolian An Innovative and Award-winning Aeronautical Engineer
STEM Career Events

Workshop: Career Coach Demo April 26:  5pm-6pm

Workshop: Resume Tips & Prep for a Virtual Event  April  27:  3pm-4pm

Career Fair: April 29: STEM CAP Register here List of Employers

All events are free and open to the public

For more information go to Career Services or email:

STEM Students in Action!
Do any of these describe you?
  • I’m curious about how the universe works.
  • I like using my mind to solve problems, especially if it involves using math or science.
  • I am drawn to nature and the natural world.
  • It’s fun for me to take things apart to understand how they work.
  • I thrive in self-directed environments.
  • I find it rewarding to figure out complicated problems and intellectual challenges.
  • I enjoy developing theories or hypotheses.
  • I like to study, conduct research, or work in a lab.

If so, you may be interested in a career in STEM.

Not sure? See the characteristics of the other CAPs.

I like to create things or imagine new ideas.

I prefer working in unstructured environments.

I like to express myself through different mediums.

I’m excited to make things that inform or entertain people.

I enjoy being around creative individuals.

I’m an independent, original or innovative thinker.

I enjoy communicating ideas.

I’m excited to interpret other people's art.

I find working with a team to produce something rewarding.

I like to perform in front of others.

I enjoy achieving goals through quality team work.

I like working in a structured environment.

I enjoy working with my hands.

I feel satisfied when I see the results of my hands-on work.

I am willing to take risks.

I like working with money and finances.

I feel accomplished when I make order out of chaos.

I enjoy leading, motivating, supporting and influencing those around me.

I prefer to manage and support projects.

I want to start my own business or nonprofit.

I am interested in how to strategize and negotiate.

I aim to understand the world we live in.

I enjoy helping people learn, heal and grow.

It’s fun for me to learn about different cultures.

I am multilingual or desire to be.

I enjoy communicating ideas or data.

I like playing with words and writing.

I often ask why things happen in society.

I find myself advocating for others.

I like making a difference.

I debate and discuss different topics.

I enjoy analyzing beyond the surface level.

I’m action oriented.

I care about the wellbeing and safety of others.

I value order, standards and routines.

I like providing service to others.

I enjoy teaching, counseling or training.

I am organized.

I enjoy solving problems.

I am interested in how the body works.

I can remain calm in stressful situations.

Cabrillo has helped me connect with students and professors who have worked in the Data Analysis field. The professors are friendly and knowledgeable and my classmates make class time fun!
-Mercedes Z (Computer and Information Systems student)
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Resources and Community for STEM Students

Looking for a quiet study space with wifi access? Beginning April 20, you can reserve study space at the Watsonville Center!

Join a Student Club to connect with students who share your interests.

Consider if a Learning Community is a good fit for you and your educational goals.

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Connect with the STEM Center for help with homework, to request a STEM Coach, and to learn more about STEM disciplines. (Services are available remotely!)

Connect with the HUB Learning Resource Center or the Integrated Learning Center for help with additional subjects. (Services are available remotely!)

Want help with your English or reading skills? Try these support courses to get off to a great start: 

  • English as a Second Language (ESL): ¡Aprende inglés hoy!
  • Reading: Improve your reading skills
The Cabrillo STEM Center has been an invaluable resource when it comes to keeping my head above water. They offer free tutoring for almost every major STEM class.
-Hermes P (Engineering student)