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Chicano/Latino Affairs Council


Metas / Goals

The metas/goals are reviewed annually and serve as a working document for The Council. Each academic year, The Council will work on the following:

  • HSI Leadership Team; the HSI Leadership Team reports to both the Chicano/Latino Affairs Council (C/LAC) and to the College Planning Committee (CPC). C/LAC representatives serve on the HSI Leadership Team and report at each C/LAC meeting.

    • An HSI Leaderhsip Team C/LAC representative will be appointed for a two-year term by the C/LAC conveners.

  • The Ethnic Studies Program; C/LAC supports the pronounced growth of a permanent, robust, and sustainable Ethnic Studies program. C/LAC serves as a resource for this program.

  • Flex week; C/LAC will develop Flex week workshops focusing on pedagogical teaching methods that support Chicanx/Latinx/a/o students, BIPOC, and other underrepresented student populations. In addition, each semester, C/LAC will conduct a retreat to build community among members during Flex week.

  • HSI Week: every September, C/LAC will develop, promote, and participate in HSI week activities.

  • Nuestra Recognition Ceremony; C/LAC supports the ceremony and is a resource for the planning, outreach, and promotion of this event.

  • Learning Communities; C/LAC supports the continued development of a wide range of learning communities, including the establishment of first-year experience cohorts.

  • Shared Governance; C/LAC continues to review its position in Cabrillo's shared governance structures. In spring 2023, the C/LAC community decided to remain outside Cabrillo's formal Shared Governance structures. See the Estructura governalmental / Structure and Governance page for more details.

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