Chicano/Latino Affairs Council


Metas / Goals

The metas/goals are reviewed annually and serve as a working document for The Council. Each academic year, The Council will work on the following:

  • HSI Task Force; the HSI Task Force reports to both the Chicano/Latino Affairs Council (C/LAC) and to the College Planning Committee (CPC). C/LAC representatives serve on the HSI Task Force.

  • The Ethnic Studies Program; C/LAC supports the development of a permanent, robust, and sustainable Ethnic Studies program. C/LAC serves as a resource for this program.

  • Flex week; each semester, C/LAC will develop Flex week workshops focusing on pedagogical teaching methods that support Chicanx/Latinx/a/o students, BIPOC, and other underrepresented student populations. In addition, C/LAC will conduct an annual retreat to build community among members during fall Flex week.

  • HSI Week: every September, C/LAC will develop, promote, and participate in HSI week activities.

  • Nuestra Recognition Ceremony; C/LAC supports the ceremony and is a resource for the planning, outreach, and promotion of this event.

  • Learning Communities; C/LAC supports the continued development of a wide range of learning communities, including the establishment of a second Puente cohort.

  • Shared Governance; C/LAC continues to review its position in Cabrillo's shared governance structures.

  • In addition, C/LAC representatives should serve on on committees organizing celebrations for Black History Month, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, National Arab Heritage Month, et al.