Chicano/Latino Affairs Council

Structure & Governance

Estructura governalmental / Structure and Governance

Membership: Chicano/Latino Affairs Council is open to all Cabrillo College faculty, staff, and students who are interested in Latino/a affairs on campus and in the greater community.

Meetings: Meetings are held during each Flex week, then at least once per fall and spring semesters.

Leadership: A convener and co-convener may be selected or a leadership committee may be set up. As a model of community based leadership, and to promote leadership development, selection criteria for the conveners should include the representation of both classified and certificated staff, as well as a gender balance, if possible. Terms of office are one year with the possibility of renewal.

Committees: Chicano/Latino Affairs Council members serve on college wide committees and report back to the membership during our monthly meetings. In addition, committees form on an as-needed basis to accomplish our goals and mission.