Community Health Worker (CHW)

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Opportunities for CHWs are booming and provides you with the chance to greatly impact your community. In just two semesters you can get the certificate that will open the door for an exciting career. As a CHW, you can help others make positive changes and take control of their health.

Community Health Worker Certificate of Achievement

Earn a certificate in as few as two semesters

Register for HS130 Intro to Community Health Work to learn about the field of Community Health Education and the roles of Community Health Workers while exploring a variety of issues and skills pertinent to the profession. The cost for the required 16 units for the Certificate of Achievement is under $900. However, with financial aid, the Cabrillo Promise, the BOG waiver, and other resources the cost could be much less. Student Resource Support Network also lists assistance programs.

After completing the program, you will be able to identify basic health needs and evaluate health and human service resources within the community, as well as demonstrate CHW professional skills and job readiness.

The CHW program uses the IBEST model to ensure student success. This means that students work with two teachers in the classroom: one teacher provides job skills training and the other teaches basic skills in reading, math, or English language. Courses are taught in English but will have an ESL instructor to facilitate language acquisition. The CHW program encourages English as a Second Language Learners and Adult Learners to consider getting a CHW certificate because of this assistance in the classroom.

CHW Core Course Requirements (13 Units)

See Health Science (HS) course descriptions

  • HS10, Personal Health, 3 units
  • HS130, Intro to Community Health Work, 4 units
  • HS131, Community Health Worker Skills, 4 units
  • CWEE99G, General Work Experience Education, 2 units

Possible Electives (Need 3 Units)

Any Health Science or Human Service Course or NUTR20 or NUTR22.

  • HS12, Stress Management, 3 units
  • HS15, Human Sexuality, 3 units
  • HSERV161, Alcohol & Other Drugs Treatment | Recovery, 3 units
  • HSERV162, Alcohol & Other Drugs Physiology | Pharmacology, 3 units
  • HSERV163, Prevention of Alcohol & Other Drugs, 1 unit
  • NUTR20, Nutrition, 3 units
  • NUTR22, Nutritional Health, 2 units

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Non-credit Certificate of Completion

Cabrillo College Health Sciences is excited to announce the opportunity for community members to achieve the CHW Certificate of Completion as tuition-free courses to advance career and life skills. The courses required are:

  • HS430, Introduction to Community Health Work
  • HS431, Community Health Worker Skills

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Internships, Fellowships, and Apprenticeships

Opportunities in the field specifically for CHW students are being developed. Students currently will take CWEE 99G. This course will enable students to earn college credit for learning or improving skills or knowledge while working. Faculty and employers help students create meaningful educational experiences by developing specific learning objectives. There are no pre-requisites or concurrent enrollment requirements. Units are awarded based on the achievement of learning objectives and completion of course requirements.

Student Spotlight
Martha Ortega

Martha currently works for Reiter Affiliated Companies as a health promoter with their farm worker community. She also provides supplemental activities for the farm workers and their families which take place after work hours. She is interested in going through the CHW so that she will gain more knowledge and learn other ways to better help her community. Martha has volunteered since she was young and living in Mexico, and now that she is living here she likes being involved and helping her community.