Computer Technology Center

Student Athletes in the CTC

Student Athletes in the CTC

The CTC is excited to host Cabrillo's student athletes for their Study Hall hours! To get credit for Study Hall in the CTC, as a student athlete, you will need to check in at the front desk by providing your name, student ID number and a picture ID when you arrive AND when you leave. Important: You will not get credit for your study hall time if you do not check in and out in-person.

Homework Help in the CTC

Homework help is available for students who come to the Computer Technology Center (CTC). We have student Peer Tech Coaches on the floor as well as on Zoom, helping students with computer-related homework. Not all Peer Tech Coaches know all software; however, they usually know Digital Media applications and/or MS Office and can help with searches, browsers, and use of the Student Planning software. In addition, some Peer Tech Coaches in the CTC can help with specific subjects such as Accounting, Business, Digital Media, Computer Science, and Engineering Technology. Check the schedule on the CTC's homepage to find a Peer Tech Coach with knowledge of these specific subjects. Help with Canvas, printing, scanning, and connecting your devices to our wireless network is always available in the CTC. Also, located at the CTC front desk, are student Office Assistants who are available for general questions and checking out library books, USB drives, wrist pads, headphones and other equipment.

Help in Other Subjects

If you need help in subjects like writing, math, languages, or science classes, you can go to other centers and still get study hall credit! To do this, you have two options:

1) If you know ahead of time that you will need help, stop by the CTC to pick up a paper form or download a copy of the form here, then take that form to the center, ask them to complete the form, then return it to the CTC in person.

2) Ask the center to complete the digital form (form submission is limited to faculty and staff).


Student Athletes are expected to follow all CTC lab policies. Failure to follow policies will result in a behavior report to the coach.

Student working on computer
Instructor assisting student
Instructor correcting student's work