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Cabrillo Dance offers movement courses with a focus on Dance as a Performing Art and Dance Studies. Our program foregrounds dance as an academic discipline and values the movement philosophies of many cultures. In addition to studying movement techniques, students learn about dance as a cultural practice and its social functions in education, health, cultural studies, art, history, and the science of human movement. Cabrillo Dance is dedicated to fostering development of the whole dancer, nurturing the body and mind together.

The Cabrillo Dance A.A. includes pre-professional training in dance techniques, performance, choreography, and somatic education. Many four-year colleges and universities offer programs in dance performance, dance techniques, choreography, musical theater, dance education, dance therapy, somatics, dance ethnology, dance history, and criticism. Bachelor of Arts and graduate degrees in dance, and dance related fields, provide career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Specialties are offered in arts administration, physical therapy for dancers, dance for children, seniors, and special education.

Cabrillo Dance Photos: Crystal Birns, Mara Milam, Beau Saunders


2020 Cabrillo Dance Virtual Winter Concert


Watch the 2020 Cabrillo Winter Dance Concert!

In a year of challenges and innovation, guest artists Angela Chambers, Micha Scott, Melissa C. Wiley, and faculty choreographers Ceech Hsu and Janet Johns, have created six dance works for students that were filmed and edited by video artist Mara Milam.

Dancing with distance, masks, and a whole lot of empathy, Cabrillo dancers rehearsed in their separate homes and, for short periods at a time, on the stage of the Crocker Theater. These dances are a continuation of the creative and embodied spirit of the Cabrillo Dance Community as we move together through difficult times. They remind us that the bodies that are at risk from this virus are also vessels of creativity, expression, and collective spirit.

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Featured Faculty: Ceech Hsu

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