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Welcome to Classes for Careers in Education

Students will have the exciting opportunity to be mentored by outstanding local faculty when enrolled in ED80 and ED80L.

ED80 provides a general introduction to educational theory and practice while ED80L provides Service Learning and job shadowing opportunities in educational settings throughout Santa Cruz County.

Both courses are designed for individuals that are considering a career in education or would like to learn more about education in the elementary, secondary, or career technical fields. The courses provide opportunities for observation and participation in classroom situations, as well as exposing students to the requirements, duties, and responsibilities of the teaching profession.

A growing number of students participating in ED80 and ED80L are looking to use their professional work experience to become a teacher (CTE). Your years of work experience count, and with some extra preparation you can give back to the community. You can teach the skills you love K-12 or to adults without taking 60 units toward an AA. Explore a teaching career by taking ED80, ED80L, and CBEST Preparation.

All enrolled students will receive:
Academic transfer advisement.
Educational counseling on teacher pathways.
Field placement in a K-12, Career and Technical Education, or Community College class.
Information on supportive educational services (example: Financial Aid).
CBEST Preparation course.
Guaranteed Transfer to many four-year universities.
Classes and Coursework


ED 80 is a lecture course which requires students to think deeply and creatively about the education field in the United States. The two-hour per week course provides a general introduction to educational theory and practice. Students receive two units for the course.


ED80L is the Service Learning lab to ED80. Five hour per week are required. Students receive one college unit for the lab. ED80L gives students students the opportunity to work in a K-12 classroom alongside an experienced, credentialed teacher. Requirements for enrollment and completion of ED 80L include: attending a mandatory orientation (which takes place one week prior to the semester), attending weekly classes, fulfilling service learning requirements, and doing all written work for the class, which include several writing assignments that help the student reflect on his or her service learning placement. The ED 80L Service Learning lab can either be taken concurrently with ED 80 (the lecture) or upon completion of ED 80.

In addition, ED 80L students are required to unconditionally pass Cabrillo District fingerprinting and TB testing, either before the semester or no later than two weeks into the semester. The various school districts in Santa Cruz County also have fingerprinting requirements that must followed prior to placement in a service learning classroom.


This course is only offered in the Spring semester. The preparation course emphasizes the reading, mathematics, and writing necessary to prepare for and pass the California Basic Education Standards Test (CBEST). It provides basic skills in reading comprehension and test taking, basic math functions, and in depth essay writing.