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Welcome to the Cabrillo College eFactBook dashboard!

The eFactbook is undergoing a major software upgrade and the dashboard version may be temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, you can download the complete set of data. If you need additional assistance, please submit a research request.

Tips for using the dashboard:

  • Click on the page numbers below the dashboard to invoke a table of contents.
  • To make full screen, click on the double headed arrow in the lower right.
  • In charts, clicking on an individual bar, line, or pie chart slice will filter to that element. Clicking on that same element or in the white space in the chart will re-select all elements.
  • In tables, click on column headers to sort. Columns without a sort arrow cannot be sorted.
  • Tables may have scroll bars on the bottom or right side.
  • Maps can take longer to fully load
  • Advanced users can download an unformatted Excel file with the aggregated data behind the dashboard here.
This page is continually updated throughout the year.
SQL Reports
Access SQL reports here

From an on-campus computer (or remote VPN) connected to the network, open a web browser. (Chrome or Firefox recommended) When prompted for credentials, use your staff login (e.g. JADOE) and password/passphrase.

SQL reports provide automated data to support activities such as recruitment, admissions and records and other operational activities, program planning data, and other information.

  • Click on a folder to view the reports inside.

  • Click on the name of a report to access.

  • Select one or more parameters as indicated.

  • Click View Report.

  • Review the results and go back to step 3 if needed.

  • To export the results, click the computer disk icon on the toolbar above the report and select Excel (or other format if desired). Choose either to Save or Open the report (at bottom of screen). It is generally preferable to choose Save so that the file can be easily located again.

  • Be sure to store your reports in a secure location, and delete when no longer needed.


In an effort to protect privacy, we no longer provide large email lists to departments for mailing. If you are requesting addresses for a mailing, begin your request with a Marketing request or contact the Marketing Department.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
IRB Membership, Training, and Infrastructure

Our members

Terrence Willett, Dean of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Karen Groppi, Environmental Studies, faculty representative

Mallory Newell, Supervisor, Institutional Research and Planning at De Anza College, community member

Kelli Horner, MESA STEM director, faculty representative (alternate)

David Douglas, Psychology instructor

Devin Walker, Director of Student Success and Equity

Christina Ortega, Counselor

Janine Riopel, Institutional Research Analyst

Examples from other colleges

Foothill DeAnza

College of the Canyons


Institutional Review Boards—An Academic and Professional Matter

Academic Senate Resolution

To Submit your IRB application

  1. Download the form from the link below

  2. OPEN WITH Adobe Acrobat to edit, sign, and save

You can download Acrobat at

Track Recent, Current, and Pending Applications before the Cabrillo IRB below

IRB Review Process and Decision Tree

Before submitting your application, read the instructions, review examples, and contact PRO with any questions.

We are happy to do a pre-submission meeting to confirm your process aligns with IRB protocols