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Welcome to Student Employment

Regular hours:

Open Monday - Thursday, Friday Morning

Closed Friday Afternoon & Daily 12-1

Walk-In hours are 9am-12pm

On-campus hiring paperwork by appt. 1-3:30pm

On  and off campus job are posted on the student job board.  Register to use this job board or post a job by clicking on the links to the left.

Jobs and new students are approved Monday - Thursday

 Students who use the job board must meet one of these criteria:
1) be currently enrolled at Cabrillo in at least three units.
2) be a Cabrillo Graduate.
3) have completed 30 units in an CTE program
4) have transfered to the university after completing 30 units at Cabrillo and provide the office with proof of transfer

On Campus Student Assistant Pay Rates as of 7/1/14

Student Assistant I $9.00/hr.
Student Assistant II $10.25/hr.
Student Assistant III $11.75/hr.
Student Assistant IV $13.25/hr.



To post a job, please click on the link to the left, and then Register and Post a Local Job (for free) if this is your first posting.  If you are a returning employer and can not remember your password, please call our office at 831-479-6413, or email me at

New students

To use our Job Board Web site the first time, you must register by clicking on the "Students - Find a Job" link on this page, and you must meet the criteria listed above. You must also click on the link you will be sent in an email after you submit your application or we can not approve it.

The new system requires that students have a working email address. You must respond to the email that the system will send you after you submit your application to use the job board web site before you can be approved to use the web siteYou will then be sent a second email with your password so you can log in.

Returning / Continuing Students

If you can not remember your user name or password, DO NOT RE-REGISTER,please call our office.

If you are not able to log in because you are BLOCKED, please call our office so that we can unblock your account, DO NOT RE-REGISTER.  If you have been blocked we must speak to you before we can unblock your old account or authorize a new account.

If you remember your user name and password but can not log in, and have not been blocked, it may be because your old account was deleted due to lack of use.  Please re-register.  


Please check our student resources pages for more information.

Download Document: Privacy Policy

Contact Information
Student Employment Office
Phone: 831.479.6413
Fax 831.479.5754
Coordinator Jennifer Wood
Address SAC West by Bookstore
Upper Aptos Campus
6500 Soquel Ave
Aptos, CA 95003
(Walk-in Traffic)
Monday - Friday
9am - 12pm
for on-campus hiring paperwork, resume assistance and computer access

* Please call to verify that hours are accurate for that day, before making a special trip here.
(By Appointment)

Monday - Thursday

1:00 - 3:30pm
for on-campus hiring, paperwork

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