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Student Support and Care Team

Values & Principles

  1. SSCT is a resource for students, faculty, administration, and staff offering proactive, educational restorative solutions that promote campus well-being.
  2. SSCT is a dedicated inter-disciplinary group of educators who coordinate caring, compassionate, developmental intervention and follow-up for those students in need prior to crisis.
  3. Our CHIEF principle is to make our campuses and workplaces safer environments where development, education, and caring intervention are fostered and encouraged, thus eliminating "fragmented care."
  4. The team initiates a coordinated response of resources and interventions with the goal of addressing student behavior while mitigating risk in an effort to keep Cabrillo healthy and safe. Individual help and support are offered via educational strategies, rather than resorting to punitive means so that students of concern can "return to safety."
  5. SSCT is committed to proactive and compassionate early intervention. SSCT assesses threat with every student reported through Web Advisor.
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