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These modules will review transfer basics, resources and timelines to get you started to meet your transfer goal. These tools should also only be used in addition to meeting with your Cabrillo Academic Counselor. Please be sure to meet with your academic counselor at least once a semester. To make an appointment please email counselor@cabrillo.edu or call (831) 479-6274.

  1. Visit https://cabrillo.instructure.com/enroll/47JEEL

  2. Enter your username and password for Canvas and click on "Enroll in Course"

  3. Transfer 101 will now be listed in your courses so that you can complete the modules. You can also come back to the resources during your time at Cabrillo via the Canvas Dashboard.

  4. Please feel free to share feedback to us by emailing transfercenter@cabrillo.edu.

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I enjoyed participating in the Transfer 101 self-paced module. I foresee this being a successful study guide to help every student, regardless of what stage they are in their studies. The "main focus and the core values of transfer planning" are segmented in informative but easy-to-understand details.
Transfer Student Spring '21
I found the Transfer 101 class extremely helpful and I enjoyed it. It had a lot of useful information about transferring and what steps to take. I really liked the websites it linked about finding your school and what it offers. The information did answer questions I was curious about, and overall it was a great class.
Transfer Student Spring '21