Welcome to Transfer Services!

Partner with us to support students' transfer goals

We are excited to help students navigate their transfer journey smoothly. We offer series of workshops designed to empower students with the knowledge and resources they need for a successful transition.

Become a Transfer Advocate :

  1. Schedule a Classroom Presentation: Sign up for our workshops and access valuable resources by completing the Classroom Presentation request form. We look forward to assisting students on their transfer journey! We're dedicated to making student's transition as seamless as possible!

  2. Utilize Transfer in the Classroom: By being a transfer advocate you are helping students achieve their transfer goals. Throughout the Transfer in the Classroom module, we will review important transfer resources, dates, deadlines, announcements, and assignments to integrate into your class and conversations. Transfer in the Classroom modules are located in the Faculty Instructional Guide (FIG)

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In our Transfer 101 workshop, we will give a brief overview of the fundamentals of transferring to a university. We will cover topics such as:

  • understanding transfer requirements

  • steps to transfer

  • transfer pathways

  • the application process

The Tap to TAG workshop is a students guide to the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. We walk you through the TAG process, helping students understand the requirements and how to get started. TAG can be a direct path to a UC campus!

Curious about the wealth of resources available to transfer students? Our Transfer Overview showcases the extensive support network Transfer Services has to offer. From academic advising to transfer scholarships and meeting representatives from other institutions, you'll learn how we're here to help students succeed.

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Many of your students are on the pathway to transferring to a 4-year university. Bringing the conversation about transfer opportunities or sharing your own education journey into the classroom will:

  • Create a sense of community

  • Connect students with support resources

  • Support the Guided Pathways framework of bridging student services and instruction

Encourage students to enroll in our self-paced Transfer 101 course today!

These modules will review transfer basics, resources and timelines to get students started to meet their transfer goal.