A variety of programs are associated with the Accessibility Support Center.


Our counseling philosophy is to empower students to be successful in obtaining their educational goals. We believe that by providing necessary support to students with their academic course work and facilitating the effective use of tools to manage personal problems students will be successful in attaining their academic, vocational, and personal goals at Cabrillo. Phone 831-479-6370 or 831-479-6379.

Learning Skills Support

Learning Skills Support serves students with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). These challenges can affect classroom performance, making it difficult for students to succeed without classroom accommodations, specific compensatory techniques, specialized instruction, and/or support services. Many of the students in our program utilize accommodations and services which include: extended time on tests in a less distracting environment, note takers, priority registration, assistance with class scheduling, specialized computer applications, tutoring, and counseling from ASC counselors. With the assistance offered by our program, students successfully fulfill their personal academic goals, complete their degree or certificates, and often transfer to universities. If appropriate, we offer learning disability assessments to determine eligibility for our services. Students who have ADHD, or have previously received services because of a learning disability, should bring their supporting documentation to the ASC Office.

Stroke and Disability Learning Center

The Stroke and Disability Learning Center is a unique educational program designed for people with physical and/or neurological disabilities who want to learn the skills necessary to pursue personal educational goals and maximize participation in community life. The program includes courses in adaptive physical education, mobility and fitness; speech, language and communications; and stress management and counseling. Based on an integrated educational approach, students participate in activities according to interests and abilities in a learning community of supportive instructors and peers. Adults with physical disabilities such as stroke survivors, people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, brain injuries, and other acquired disabling conditions are invited to enroll in the Orientation class to determine their educational goals and develop a Student Educational Contract (SEC). Physician verification of disability is required for admission. Please call (831) 477-3300 or visit the Stroke Center website for more information about how to enroll.

Adaptive Physical Education

Adaptive Physical Education is the art and science of developing and implementing a carefully designed instructional program for a learner with any physical disability. Special attention is given to individualized educational goals of each student who may not safely or successfully engage in the activities of regular physical education or sports programs. Cabrillo's robust program offers swimming, weight bearing and strength development, gait training, tennis, yoga, aerobics, field sports and bowling. Faculty and staff utilize teaching methods that adapt the skills to the student and their functional ability.

For more information, please call the Stroke Center at (831) 477-3300 or visit the Stroke Center website for more information

College Connection

College Connection is a program coordinated by County Mental Health designed to assist Santa Cruz adult mental health consumers in achieving their educational goals at Cabrillo College. We build on an individual's strengths and abilities by providing encouragement, stability, coaching, network building, and self-management skills, as well as information, referrals, and guidance. For more information, please call (831) 479-6512 or visit the College Connection website.

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