Useful Information for Students

Because of the Covid-19 Stay-at-home Order, ASC services are now arranged online or by phone.

Students interested in receiving accommodations and services can email or call (831) 479-6379 or (831) 479-6370 to schedule an online or phone appointment with an ASC counselor or service provider.


ASC uses a database application called MyASC, which allows you to request and submit approved accommodations for each course. Your instructors will receive a copy of these requests through email and through the MyASC portal directly. This process will replace the paper ASC accommodations letters used in the past. You can now log-in to MyASC , using your Cabrillo credentials, and select which of your approved accommodations you would like to use for each of your Spring 2022 courses.

Instructions for Using MyASC

  1. Log in to MyASC with your Cabrillo College username and password. Familiarize yourself with the information available in your Dashboard.

  2. Request each accommodation available.

  3. Click on "My Accommodations" from the single click links on the left and submit your accommodation requests through "My Accommodations" once your course schedule is confirmed for the upcoming semester.

  4. Check your Cabrillo College email frequently as this is the ASC's primary means of communication. Messages sent to you can also be found under "My Mailbox" in myASC.

  5. Contact the ASC if you have any questions – we're here to help!

Other Useful Information

Resources Available on Campus

Disability Awareness Resources

The following links provide educational information about folks with disabilities.

Contact Information
(831) 479-6379
(831) 479-6370
Virtual Fax:
(831) 477-3738
The second floor of the library behind HUB
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