Services, Policies, and Procedures

The Accessibility Support Center (ASC) offers many services to assist students with disabilities in achieving academic and personal success at Cabrillo College. This edition of "Policies and Procedures" was written so students with disabilities will know how to get and keep services to support them in meeting their personal and educational goals.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a right to equal access under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (title 2). It is recommended that students work with the ASC Team and the Director to receive the appropriate accommodations.

Student Grievances/Complaints: If a student has a concern regarding services or accommodations and feel their needs are not being met, the student may file a grievance or complaint. The first step for students is to speak to an ASC faculty member to attempt to resolve their grievance. If that outcome is unsatisfactory, students should then contact the ASC Director. If the complaint remains, students may use the Just Report It! system to file a grievance or contact Cabrillo’s ADA Coordinator.

All students, regardless of disability status, are responsible for following the prescribed college procedures as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Important ASC Approved Lecture Recording Accommodation Guidelines

  1. Students will provide their instructors with accommodation notification letter prior to recording a lecture/meeting on any device (phone, computer, or application such as

  2. Students will inform their instructors when they will use the Otter software to record and transcribe lectures and demonstrations before using it in class.

  3. Students will use recordings and the resulting transcribed text of class lectures solely for personal purposes to study and in preparation related to their classes. Federal copyright laws may protect the information contained in recordings, captions, and/or transcripts. Students will not distribute, or quote such copyrighted material without proper citation or permission.

  4. Students will not share (post to social media or any websites or distribute electronically in any form) any recordings and/or the transcribed text of the lectures with any other person at any time or in any form without the express written consent from the instructor who holds the intellectual rights to the lecture materials.

  5. Students acknowledge the recordings and resulting transcribed texts are sources for use in the course, and the College Code of Conduct applies to all students.

  6. Students agree to turn off the program when asked to do so by the instructor or students sharing personal and/or sensitive information.

  7. Students will not take pictures of any students or the instructor without permission.

  8. Students will delete all recordings and transcriptions when no longer needed for class work.

  9. Students will manage the recording device in a way that does not disturb others or call attention to the fact that they are recording a lecture.

  10. If students violate this agreement, access to recording could be revoked and student conduct procedures will be applied. Reasonable alternatives may be requested from the ASC.

  11. The student is responsible for informing the Accessibility Support Center of any changes to enrollment or issues and concerns that may arise by emailing

  12. This agreement applies to any Cabrillo college student role where or other recording is used under the ASC purview.

Important ASC Mobility Cart Information

  • Regularly scheduled rides need to be requested by contacting the ASC office at (831) 479-6370 or emailing

  • Please note drivers cannot schedule or change new or existing rides during pickups. Please contact the ASC office for all requested rides by calling (831) 479-6370 or emailing

  • Please allow 2 business days for your request to be processed. If you require a ride before then, please schedule your rides by calling the ASC (831) 479-6370 or emailing

  • Please be at the pickup point at the time your ride is scheduled. Drivers will wait up to 3 minutes past the scheduled pickup time before departing.

  • Drivers cannot wait while errands are being completed. If you require a second ride, please schedule it separately.

  • Passengers must be able to get in and out of the mobility carts without any physical assistance from the driver. If you are having an emergency or require further assistance, please contact the Campus sheriff’s office at (831) 471-1121.

  • If you will not be needing your ride for the day, please call the ASC office as soon as possible to cancel your ride and free up your time slot for other users. Three “no-shows'' without prior notice may result in future rides being canceled.

  • Safe conduct is expected of all passengers using the cart, including wearing a seatbelt and remaining seated in the cart until it comes to a complete stop.

  • Wheelchair passengers will have the wheelchair secured to the vehicle. Wheelchair users should provide a seatbelt that secures them in the wheelchair.

  • If your driver needs to contact you during pickup, the number will show up as ‘Restricted’.

  • Students seeking services through the Accessibility Support Center must complete an ASC application online and meet with an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist to complete the intake process. More information is available on our Getting Started webpage.

  • Verification of disability is required in order to obtain services. This often comes in the form of a note from a doctor or therapist or a copy of an IEP or 504 plan from high school. If a student doesn’t have any disability documentation, the ASC may be able to help you obtain it by conducting a learning disability assessment with one of our Learning Disabilities Specialists, or referring you to on or off campus resources (e.g., Student Health Services or a local doctor, therapist, or psychologist). Students will be able to upload their records in the MyASC Portal after they have completed the ASC application.

  • In some cases, provisional services may be provided on a temporary basis after the student participates in an interactive interview with a Learning Disabilities Specialist or an ASC Counselor.

  • Students need to request accommodations notifications every time they start a new class. Continuing students can request their accommodations through our MyASC portal or by meeting with either a Learning Disabilities Specialist or an ASC Counselor. Meeting with ASC faculty each semester is encouraged.

  • Details about specific accommodations (i.e., guidelines, parameters, etc.) can be found in students’ eligibility and accommodation letters which are accessible through the MyASC Portal. Students may also request this information from the ASC office.

  • Students are responsible to notify the ASC Office if they are unable to meet scheduled service times (transportation, learning disabilities testing, interpreting, counseling appointments, test-taking appointments, etc.).

  • As appropriate to ensure services and accommodations, disability related information may be shared by ASC employees with college personnel and other appropriate Cabrillo College professionals on a FERPA-allowed need to know basis.

  • Students are expected to meet all college-wide policies as outlined in the Cabrillo College Catalog.

Alternate media materials (electronic text, audiobooks, braille, text enlargement, etc.) are provided to students with a verified disability.

Contact the Alternate Media Specialist or the ASC office to find out more or make an appointment.

After securing an accommodation from an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist, the instructor of the class will announce that a notetaker is needed. The student's name and the reason for a note taker will not be included in this announcement. The student may also identify a peer note taker on their own. Note takers will be paid a $100 stipend by the ASC office for note taking services. Note taking is not a substitute for attending class.

  • Complete the enrollment with the ASC Office.

  • Discuss note taking services; receive accommodation, if appropriate, from an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.

  • The instructor will announce that a notetaker is needed. Students can also ask a friend for assistance.

  • The instructor or student will need to share ASC contact information with the peer note taker so that they may complete appropriate paperwork to receive a stipend for note taking services

  • The peer note taker and the student may share notes via MyASC upload, email, NCR paper (supplied by ASC), copy, scan, etc. Please see ASC with any questions regarding sharing notes.

  • All materials furnished through the note taking accommodation (notes, pictures, audio/video recordings, etc.) are for personal, academic use only. You may not share them in any capacity. The Student Conduct Code applies to all students and includes the use of the note taking accommodation and audio recording classes and may not be reproduced or distributed.

Equipment will only be loaned to students who have ASC approval, who have an accommodation, and who are officially enrolled in classes. Students will forfeit their rights to future equipment loans if the equipment is abused or equipment is not returned at the appropriate time.

The ASC Office can loan tape recorders, Smart Pens, note-taking software, assistive listening devices, and some calculators.

  • Complete the enrollment with the ASC Office.

  • Discuss the use of specialized equipment; receive accommodation, if appropriate, from an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.

  • Contact the ASC Office to check out equipment and to complete the "Equipment Loan Contract."

  • If the equipment is not returned, students will forfeit rights to future equipment loans, have grades delayed, and be unable to register for future semesters.

For tutoring services, please visit the Tutoring Center homepage for more information.

Test taking accommodations are individually considered and might include extended time, alternate test locations, computer access, assistive technology, and quiet or reduced-distraction area.

  • Complete the enrollment process with the ASC Office.

  • Discuss test proctoring accommodations; receive accommodation, if appropriate, from an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.

  • Students must ensure that their instructor has the " Faculty Notification Letter" prior to requesting test accommodations.

  • Students can schedule tests with the Proctoring Center by login in to MyASC for students.

  • Students must be on time for scheduled tests.

  • New "Faculty Notification Letter" is required each semester.

  • Testing accommodations and scheduled exams for finals must be in place two weeks before finals week starts.

Other services may be provided by the ASC Office when determined appropriate by an ASC Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.