Biotechnology is tackling some of the world's biggest challenges.

Combining biology and technology, biotech creates advancements in science, medicine, agriculture, and more!

Are you a person who loves to solve problems? If you are, you can obtain a Biotechnology Skills Certificate in as little as three courses or a Biotechnology Certificate of Achievement in two years. These certificate programs help you acquire the skills for this in-demand and well-paying field of tomorrow. Current biotech employees will find value in updating their expertise through earning certificates.

We help match you to internships and jobs in industry and academia that help further your career goals.

Seamless Transfer to UCSC

After completing your certificate you can seamlessly transfer to the B.A. in Biotechnology Program at UCSC. We have other on-going collaborations with STEM departments UCSC that will set you up for success.

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lab techs working with samples
Lab student working with samples
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Pathways from High Schools

Several area high schools offer equivalent courses that articulate to our Biotechnology program allowing you to participate in internships, earn certificates, and transfer. We offer dual-enrollment courses that allow the student to earn both high school and college credit.
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Learn more about the field, career opportunities, and classroom experience.

"The biotech program offered me a great opportunity to learn about different career options and gain some hands-on experience. This program has pointed me in the direction of many great opportunities for biotech in the county and surrounding areas. I will now be able to use what I learned to apply for internships or even entry level jobs. The hands-on experience gained in the biotechnology program is extremely beneficial for those hoping to pursue a scientific career.”

-Lu Ludington

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What You’ll Experience

Start with Biotech Fundamentals (BIO-41T) and Advanced Biotech (BIO-42-T) to learn more about the field of biotechnology and the fundamental skills required to obtain employment in biotechnology. Topics include careers in biotechnology, basic laboratory skills and equipment use, DNA isolation and manipulation, DNA technology, keeping a notebook, safety, scientific literacy, and report writing.

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Great careers are available locally and throughout the U.S. at top companies. Jobs for technicians may be found in environmental testing labs, forensic labs, hospitals, plant culturing labs, research labs, and wineries. View a full list of job opportunities in the field of biotechnology.

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