Welcome to the Biotechnology Program at Cabrillo College!

The Biotechnology Program, part of the Biology Department, offers a Skills Certificate and a Certificate of Achievement in Biotechnology.

You can obtain the Skills Certificate in just one year by taking three courses. The Certificate of Achievement can be acquired in two years.

Why Get a Certificate?

The Skills Certificate and Certificate of Achievement provide students with the skills and job training essential for the field of biotechnology. They provide opportunities to learn laboratory procedures and safety, how to record and analyze data, perform basic calculations, and write laboratory documents.

A few of the exciting jobs for those with a certificate include:

  • Laboratory Assistant or Technician
  • Assay Analyst
  • Technical position in genetic engineering
  • Technical position in forensics

Jobs for technicians may be found in environmental testing labs, forensic labs, hospitals, plant culturing labs, research labs, and wineries.

Helping Local Industry

Current biotechnology employees will find value in updating their resume and expertise by obtaining the Skills Certificate or Certificate of Achievement. Local employers have access to a valued program that quickly and affordably provides additional training to their employees.