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Internships and Training

We help match you to internships and jobs in industry and academia that help further your career goals.

We also provide training to current employees and a seamless transfer to UCSC.

“My time in the program gave me an opportunity to solidify my lab skills and learn about lab techniques and the theory surrounding those techniques. I met a long-term goal from this program: becoming a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, a position in high demand that makes use of the many techniques we learned in this program.”

- George Medrano

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Current biotech employees will find value in updating their resume and expertise by obtaining the Skills Certificate or Certificate of Achievement.

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Internships and Job Placement

The Cabrillo College Biotechnology program has developed relationships with corporate and industry partners to strengthen the local and regional biotech workforce - and to provide you with an internship or job that meets your needs!

Current Partners

How to Apply for an Internship

Completing an internship can help you find employment or on your journey to a four-year degree. We are connected with the Cabrillo Internship Office where you can get help finding a company and preparing you for the application process, including resume and interview preparation.


UCSC Transfer

After completing your certificate you can seamlessly transfer to the B.A. in Biotechnology Program at UCSC. We have other on-going collaborations with STEM departments UCSC that will set you up for success.