Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Compliance Fee

Compliance fees pay for all your requirements to be reviewed, verified, and communicated to the hospitals and clinics so that you can practice in the clinical setting. Without this, your program would not be able to place you at a clinical site.

Compliance fees of $100 must be paid every semester. You must upload your receipt to your Certified Background account to be compliant.

Due Dates For Compliance Fees Are:
  • No later than March 31st for Spring semester-$100
  • No later than October 31st for Fall semester-$100
How to Pay Your Compliance Fee:

You will pay your compliance fee of $100 at the Cabrillo College Welcome Center. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Contact the Welcome Center and tell them you are paying the Allied Health compliance fee.
  • The Welcome Center accepts credit/debit cards, cash, and checks (made out to Cabrillo College)
  • Ask for receipt
  • Upload your fee receipt to your Certified background account

If you live out of town and are trying to pay your compliance fee please follow the instructions below:

  • Make your check out to Cabrillo College
  • Write your student ID # on the check
  • Include a note to let them know that the payment is for the Allied Health Compliance fee
  • Ask for a receipt
  • Mail the above to:
    Cabrillo College
    6500 Soquel Drive
    Aptos, CA 95003
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