Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Radiological Technology

Other Requirements for Radiologic Technology:

Compliance Fee

  • Paid every semester in March and October
  • See Deadlines page for due dates
  • Receipt needs to be uploaded to your CB account


CPR Certification

  • American Heart Association for BLS Healthcare Providers only(expires every 2 years)
  • Front and back of card uploaded to CB
  • Card must be signed by student

COM-Clinical Orientation Modules

  • Must complete every year
  • See Deadlines page for dates this is to be competed between
  • To be completed online using HealthStream
  • Go to COM/HealthStream for instructions
  • Must upload 4 COM certificates to your CB account

Background Check (one time only)

  • Your Background Check will be purchased through Certified Background
  • You will receive purchase codes through the Clinical Compliance Coordinator
  • Codes will be different for students that are placed and for students that are alternates

Consent for Release of Records and Information Policy form(one time only)

  • Must be fill out by student with student ID # and birth date
  • Must be signed and dated by student
  • Form must be stamped by the Clinical Compliance Coordinator

Radiologic Technology Student Handbook Agreement form (one time only)

  • Must be signed and dated by student

Clinical Education Handbook and Policies Agreement form(one time only)

  • Must be signed and dated by student

RT Healthcare Provider Authorization form (one time only)

  • Signed by Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner

If you are an alternate do not complete the following until you are accepted to enter your program:

  • Background Check
  • Compliance fee
  • COM
  • 2 Handbook forms (cannot be completed until semester begins)
Please see the Deadlines page for the dates the requirements are due