Clinical Compliance Managed By Student Health Services

Clinical Orientation Modules/Health Stream Instructions

All Allied Health (ALH) students must complete four HealthStream courses, and provide Certificates of Completion for said courses, in order to meet clinical compliance requirements.

Access the HealthStream web site by following this link HealthStream Access for Cabrillo ALH Students or typing "" into your browser. DO NOT use a search engine, such as Google or Explorer, to search on the term HealthStream as it will not direct you to the exact site you need.

  1. All first time users must first register. There is no cost for this step
  2. Create your user id and password. Please note that if you lose your user id or password, and they have to be re-set, you may be required to pay an additional fee
  3. Once you have created your ID and password go t the "Catalog" tab. This will take you to a screen that allows you to select individual courses, pay for them, and enroll. To see a listing of the courses that are offered for Cabrillo's ALH students leave the search box blank and click the "search" button. This should display all four of the required courses.
  4. Complete the courses
  5. Print Certificates of Completion

If you have problems with the HealthStream web site, or with specific courses, please use the help button before contacting your Cabrillo ALH program office.

Important links:
student working with an xray machine
Student and instructor practicing patient care in a hospital bed
students standing together on the clinic stairs