High School Articulation

Receive College Credit for High School Classes

What is High School Articulated Credit?

Some high school classes, including many Regional Occupational Programs/Career Technical Education courses, have been linked by high school teachers and Cabrillo instructors. Students take the course at high school, and if eligibility requirements are met at the end of the year, students can receive credit for the course on their Cabrillo transcript for free! Cabrillo calls this articulation.

How is High School Articulated Credit Awarded?

Cabrillo uses the Career And Technology Education Management Application (CATEMA®) to award college credit for approved ROP/CTE courses taught at our local area high schools. The application provides a simple method for high school teachers and counselors to manage articulation credit information.

  1. High school teachers create a CATEMA® account and their class records in the system.

  2. Students create a CATEMA® account and enroll in their high school articulated course.

  3. High school teachers enter grades and recommendations at the end of the school year.

Click on the appropriate link below to learn about the high school articulation process and how to create a CATEMA® account.