High School Articulation

Earn College Credit for Your High School Course

How to Sign Up for High School Articulated Credit

  1. Check that your high school course is articulated with Cabrillo.

  2. Follow the instructions below based on your current enrollment status in the high school articulated course.

Previously Enrolled Students

For students who took a high school articulated course prior to the current academic year and met eligibility requirements to earn credit, please complete the following:

Currently Enrolled Students

For students currently enrolled in a high school articulated course, follow the steps below to sign up to receive Cabrillo College credit at the end of the year.

*If you are planning on taking a Cabrillo class as a high school student you must reapply to Cabrillo through CCCApply each semester you attend. If you are planning on attending Cabrillo as a college student next Fall, you must reapply to Cabrillo through CCCApply as a college student.

  • You will receive an email from webreg@cabrillo.edu with your 7 digit Cabrillo ID within 72 business hours of completing your application.

  • Your ID does NOT contain letters. That is your California Community College ID.

  • If you haven't received your Cabrillo ID after 72 business hours (M-F, excluding holidays) of completing your application:

  1. Check your SPAM box

  2. Check your application status

  • Go to the CATEMA homepage

  • Select "New Students"-"Create Account"

  • Complete the new student account form (Your college ID is your 7 digit Cabrillo ID)

  • Enroll in the appropriate class at (Ask your teacher for the Cabrillo class name)

Already have a CATEMA account?

  • Go to the CATEMA homepage

  • Enter your username and password

  • Click on "Add Class Enrollment"

  • Enroll in your class and click on submit

Forgot your CATEMA username/password?

  • Go to the CATEMA homepage

  • Click on "Go To Student Login Assistant"

  • Fill out your information

  • Click on "Create a new enrollment record"

  • Enroll in your class and click on submit

  • If you meet eligibility requirements at the end of the school year, credit will be posted to your Cabrillo transcript by mid July.
  • If you do NOT meet eligibility requirements, nothing will be posted to your Cabrillo transcript.
  • IMPORTANT-Check self service prior to placing your transcript request. It is your responsibility to be sure the credit for your articulated course has posted PRIOR to placing your order.