High School Articulation

Materials for CTE Counselors

CTE counselors can use the information below to assist their students and teachers with the high school articulation process.

How to Create a New High School Articulation Agreement*

  1. Identify the Cabrillo course you would like to articulate with your high school course- use the Cabrillo Catalog for reference.

  2. Send the request, along with the high school course outline, to valee@cabrillo.edu- your request will be sent to the Articulation Director and the appropriate Cabrillo faculty for review.

  3. If accepted- develop a high school articulation agreement with Cabrillo faculty (See high school articulation agreement template)

  4. Once the agreement is finalized- email it to valee@cabrillo.edu. It will be sent out for signatures to Cabrillo faculty (Department Chair, Department Dean, Articulation Director, & VP of Instruction) and high school faculty (Instructor and Principal)

  5. Once the agreement is signed- a 30 minute tutorial about the high school articulation sign up process and the CATEMA system will be arranged with the instructor.

* To establish a new agreement for the current academic year, steps 1-5 must be completed by November 30th. Otherwise agreements will start the next academic year.

Learn about the CATEMA System

The CATEMA system is used to award high school articulated credit.

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