Radiologic Technology

Getting Started

The RT program has a separate application and selection process in addition to general Cabrillo College admission. For students not currently enrolled at Cabrillo College, general college application materials are available at the Welcome Center and on the Cabrillo College website.

Requirements for admission into the two-year RT program include successful completion of the program 20 units of prerequisites listed and the completion of the application process. Review the program's prerequisites.

We encourage all students to visit the Academic Counselling Center to learn if they can be of assistance.

Selection is based on:

  • Completion of all required prerequisites with the appropriate GPA.

  • How many clinical spaces are available.

  • Date of the application.

Per American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) regulations we no longer offer advanced placement.

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"The teachers are just great here. They are so helpful with the classroom and the labs and the experiments."

  • Shweta, class of 2019


These courses must be successfully completed before applying to the program. It is highly recommended that students meet with an academic counselor to develop an educational plan.

  • BIO 4 - Human Anatomy (4 units)

  • BIO 5 * - Human Physiology (4 units)

  • MA 70 - Medical Terminology (3 units)

  • PHYS 10 - Introduction to Physics (3 units)

  • PSYCH 1 - General Psychology (3 units) or PSYCH 1H – Honors General Psychology (3 units)

  • ENGL 1A/1AH/1AMC/1AMCH - College Composition (3 units)

* A course such as Chem 30A or Chem 32 is the prerequisite for Bio 5; Intermediate Algebra (Math 142 or Math 152 or equivalent) is a prerequisite to Chem 30A or Chem 32.

Prerequisite courses completed at other schools may be used if the school is a regionally accredited college and if the course is equivalent to Cabrillo College requirements. When meeting with a counselor, bring unofficial transcripts for all college coursework to your counseling appointment.

All prerequisite and published curriculum courses must be completed with a "C" or better. These prerequisites may also be used to satisfy appropriate general education areas. At the time of program application, it is required that prerequisite courses, specifically BIO 4, BIO 5, and MA 70, be completed within six years.

In order to fill out and submit an optional RT Program Counseling Form/Worksheet, please schedule an appointment using this email address:

Transferring to a 4-year University

If you are interested in transferring to a 4-year university in Radiologic Technology after program completion, please see a counselor or check the ASSIST online student-transfer system for more information.

Selection Process
  • Please note we are not accepting applications in 2021. We will resume September 1st, 2022 - October 1st, 2022

  • The program application is posted on the RT website in September. Students may apply each year during the application window from September 1 – October 1.

  • Students are no longer being added to the wait list each year. Effective January 1, 2017, the total number of students placed into the program is comprised of 50% from the waitlist and 50% random selection (including new applicants). Students not placed into the program by 50% random selection may re-apply the following year.

  • Alternates will be assigned from the waitlist.

  • Students currently on the wait list retain their wait list # based on the post mark date of application.

  • Students placed into the program are notified by November/December each year.

  • After all students on the waitlist have been offered placement into the program in accordance with the 50% waitlist and 50% random selection method, selection for future years will be entirely by random selection each year.


All prospective students who are offered a position in the Cabrillo College Radiologic Technology Program may:

  • Accept the position in the program OR

  • Request a one-time deferral in keeping with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

All prospective students who are offered a position in the Cabrillo College Radiologic Technology Program may:

Clinical Experience

Clinical and didactic education take place in an integrated and sequenced manner throughout the length of the program.

During the first semester of the program, students will receive instruction that includes basic knowledge in patient care skills, the field of radiology, medical terminology, patient positioning, and fundamentals of radiographic equipment and radiation protection.

Education in the hospital/clinic setting also begins at the start of the first semester (approximately 16 hours per week), so that instruction in the classroom is reinforced in the clinical setting. The number of clinical hours in the first two semesters is less than those of subsequent semesters/terms.

In the second semester, students will be assigned to and rotate to a different clinical education center (for approximately 16 hours a week). During this semester and throughout the rest of the program, students (under the direct supervision of a qualified radiologic technologist) will position patients, make exposures, and perform all other duties in a radiology department based on competency and measured performance outcomes.

Students rotate through both clinic affiliate education centers and hospital affiliate clinical education centers. Rotations will be assigned by the clinical coordinator with approval of the program director. Clinical education rotations are directly related to didactic instruction which may include all or some of the following: positioning skills, radiographic principles, radiation physics, radiation protection, special procedures, image processing, and office procedures.

Printed objectives, activities, evaluation criteria, and handbooks are available to each student, clinical instructor, and staff member. The clinical coordinator is responsible for the supervision of students' activities in clinical education centers with the assistance of the clinical instructors.


To serve in a clinical setting many requirements must be met in order to protect your safety, the safety of your peers, and the safety of the patients with whom you'll be working.

The program has additional clinical compliance requirements because students are placed into affiliated hospitals/clinics for clinical education. Students must also comply with the Minimum Physical and Non-Physical Standards that are necessary for clinical placement.

To comply with State and local regulations for health care providers, students accepted to the Cabrillo College Radiologic Technology Program are required to meet vaccination and drug testing requirements and provide documentation before enrolling in the program. Students are also required to complete criminal background checks and may be required to undergo fingerprinting. The licensing/certification agency for Radiologic Technologists, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) has a process and procedure for ethics review. Prospective students with ethics concerns including, criminal background, previous dismissal from a Radiologic Technology Program, or revocation of any certificate or license, should contact the ARRT directly for advice.

After students are accepted to the program, there is a mandatory Clinical Compliance Meeting scheduled with the Clinical Compliance Coordinator. Details about requirements and the timeline to complete them are provided.

Students cannot enter the clinical site unless they are compliant. Students are expected to be aware of all program and personal compliance deadlines. Failure to be compliant will result in the student being prohibited from the clinical setting with consequences that range from lowering clinical grades to program dismissal if compliance is not met.

For a complete listing of compliance requirements, see the Clinical Compliance Website.

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